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How to become an HR Specialist in 2023?


Are you someone who loves working with people on a day-to-day basis? Do you enjoy the process of being alongside people and making sure that they are giving their absolute best? If this sounds like you, you should look forward to becoming an HR. The question, however, is how to become HR?

When you aspire to be an HR, you must be ready to welcome challenges. One of the very prominent challenges that HR faces is competition from other employers. Over 43% of HR managers have stated the reason mentioned above as the root cause of their struggle to hire employees. In addition, over 36% of HR specialists feel the lack of technology hinders onboarding programs as they are unable to automate the processes.

HR specialists are a highly crucial part of any organization. As an HR specialist, one can add value and help grow the company’s organizational culture. In 2023, if you want to become an HR, there is a lot you should know, including their role, responsibilities, and tasks they commit to daily. Keep reading to learn everything about how to become a human resource manager.

Who is a Human Resource Specialist?

An HR or a Human Resource Specialist works as a link between an organization and its employees. He/she is mainly responsible for looking after the human resource department and ensuring that everything in the workplace is working as expected. HR specialists are professionals who take care of various duties such as incentivization, hiring, relationships between employees, etc. To get into this field, you need to pursue a course, training, or full-time education in HR and attain specialization.

Mainly, as HR, you must focus on different methods, work principles, and technologies. It will be your job to put in place the strategies that help in maintaining and establishing what is needed. Some of the key focus areas in Human Resources are:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Recruiting
  • Staffing
  • Development of Organization

What is the job of an HR Specialist?

This is a question that you must be thinking about, especially after you have figured out how to become HR. As an HR Specialist, you will be responsible for maintaining, managing, and looking after the employee’s details. Moreover, Human Resource managers also play a significant part in boosting engagement and adding to the existing productivity of the company. Employee Retention Programming is also one of the substantial duties of HR.

Additionally, HR Specialists back the employees of the organization. Along with managing disputes between employees in the workplace, they also ensure internal growth and development. Below are the everyday-responsibilities of HR specialists:

  • Looking after the hiring process and onboarding candidates who match the requirements.
  • Recognizing the employment requirement in the workplace by closely working with the supreme leaders of the company/workplace.
  • Taking care of employee benefits, packages, and compensation.
  • Staying connected with candidates and keeping them posted on their application process.
  • Maintaining the legal tasks, paperwork, and employment track records.
  • Establishing training programs to help employees in their professional growth.
  • Recruiting eligible candidates who have the required skills to fit an open position within the organization.

How to become HR?

We have arrived at the most critical question on how to become a human resource manager. As someone looking to build a career in HR, you need to sort out the path you wish to pursue. Thus, depending on your experience level, you can explore options and opportunities that will work best for you and your career. After you have a transparent vision of the factors mentioned above, follow the below steps to proceed further.

Step 1: Acquire a Bachelor’s Degree

Usually, this is the first step to drafting a career in any field, let alone be in HR. If you aspire and have decided to become an HR Specialist, you should get a Bachelor’s degree in management, psychology, or another matching field. It is the building block that will help you to gain all the necessary skills and construct a ground knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of HR.

Step 2: Start with an Internship

In addition to your education, you must continue to expand your learning graph through internships. Internships are a great way to learn and help you gain experience before you directly jump to the battleground. Consider local NGOs or organizations and choose to volunteer as an HR. The road to how to become HR starts with an internship.

Step 3: Construct your Network

Networking is always helpful and especially if you want to pursue a career as a future HR. Start with building your network and slowly accumulate contacts in the same field. Get acquainted with fellow employees working as HR Specialists in their organization. Once you make a strong network, your contacts can hook you up for suitable positions. As a human resource specialist, this will eventually be a part of your job anyway. Therefore, it’s best to start as early as you can.

Step 4: Get Professional Experience

As soon as you are done with your Bachelor’s, start looking for jobs. Gaining professional experience is a significant factor for HR Specialists, especially if you have long-term goals. Skill yourself and get all the knowledge you need because to be in a high-level position, having experience counts.

Step 5: Advance your Career as an HR Specialist

You can either choose to get an advanced degree to become a senior-level professional or can consider some certification. Focusing on your personal and professional development is equally important once you land a job as a human resource specialist. These certifications will help you to do better and master your skills. Moreover, you will be up-to-date on the latest HR trends.