What Does HR Actually Do? 11 Key Responsibilities


HR might be the most confusing department in your whole organization—everyone knows they’re important, but very few employees know why. So what does HR do? There’s a massive difference between a healthy human resources department that contributes to the growth of the organization and a distant HR that exists somewhere near the basement archives and […]

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The Benefits of aPHR Certification In Transforming Dennis Green’s Career

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Dennis Green, aPHR loves having a positive impact on people. Immediately out of college he became an event planner, but that role didn’t offer the satisfaction he craved from his job. A career change was in order. Green considered law, but ultimately felt drawn to HR. He earned his Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) […]

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Human Resource Planning at Different Levels


Human resource planning is done at various levels for their own purposes by various institutions. There are various levels of human resource planning in an industrial enterprise: National Level Sectoral Level Industry Level Unit Level Departmental Level Job Level0 1. National Level: Generally, central government plans for human resources for the entire nation. It anticipates […]

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Difference between Global or IHRM and Domestic HRM


There are two major factors therefore which differentiate domestic HRM from IHRM. First, the complexities of operating in different countries (and therefore in different cultures) and secondly, employing different national categories of workers. This suggests that international HRM is concerned with identifying and understanding how MNCs manage their geographically dispersed workforces in order to leverage […]

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Global Human Resource Management

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International Human Resource Management is the procurement, allocation, utilization, and motivation of human resources in international business. IHRM is defined as interaction between the three group of factors-Type of employees, environment of countries, and basic HR processes. The national or country categories involved The host country where subsidiary country may be located The home country […]

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