The Role of Feedback in Enhancing Employee Performance and Productivity


The Importance of Feedback in Organizations and the Role of the Managers in the Process Feedback is an integral part of any organizations’ workplace procedures. Managers are expected to provide regular feedback to their employees who in turn, are expected to incorporate such feedback into enhancing their performance. Moreover, feedback is also a necessity as […]

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Role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Leadership Development

HRM, Human Resource Management

Leadership Development in Successful Companies The previous articles have discussed how the HRM function is now seen as a critical and crucial component of the organizational support functions. In particular, we have analyzed how effective people management goes a long way in ensuring better economic performance. Among the components of people, management that the HRM […]

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How Innovative HR Policies boost Employee Productivity and Organizational Effectiveness


How Innovative can the HR Function Get? Innovative Human Resources (HR) policies can go a long way in boosting employee productivity and enhancing organizational effectiveness. For instance, it is often the case that the HR Function comes up with a mix of work-related and fun related activities that employees find interesting and something they can […]

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Preparing for the Workplace of Tomorrow: Some HRM Strategies for the Digital Age


The Digital Age Would Transform the HR Function in Unimaginable Ways. We have well and truly entered the Digital Age and it is time for organizations, business leaders, and the Human Resource (HR) Managers to start preparing for the Workplace of Tomorrow. To start with, future workplaces would be very unlike what they were and […]

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