The Role of Human Resource in the Evaluation of Strategies

Human Resources, HR

Business strategies are long-term goals that require different tactics, plans and procedures to achieve. All of these require the right people in place to make sure these efforts help the company reach its objectives. Evaluating the success of your business strategies involves assessing your employees’ ability to deliver outcomes in a timely, profitable manner. Integrating […]

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What Is the Objective of Being an HR & General Administrator?

Human Resources, Human Resources Training

Human resources and general administration can be merged into a single position that combines employee development with office administration duties. This position is sometimes referred to as human resources administrator. It can serve as a bridge bringing employees and employers together on a range of matters such as job training, health benefits, company policy and […]

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Human Resource Audit – Meaning, Phases and its Advantages – [Update]

Human Resource Audit, HR

HR audits are done to examine whether the existing HR system are in line with the organizations policies, strategies and objectives, and legal requirements. Lets understand the need and importance of human resource audit in detail. Human Resource Audit is a comprehensive method of objective and systematic verification of current practices, documentation, policies and procedures […]

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