Group Behavior – In Organizational Context


In an organizational context, groupthink and group behavior are important concepts as they determine the cohesiveness and coherence of the organizational culture and organizational communication. For instance, unless the HRD function communicates the policies clearly and cogently, the employees would not participate and comply with them wholeheartedly. Hence, molding group behavior is important for organizations. […]

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Human Resources Development VS. Human Resources Management


Have you ever wondered what the “Human Resources” is? What does the Human Resources do? What are the differences between “Human Resources Development” and “Human Resources Management? The Human Resources are the ones who make-up the workforce of an organization, business sector or economy. This article talks about the difference between Human Resources Development and […]

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The Relationship Between HR & HRD Functions in a Large Organization


The work of human resources departments encompasses a wide range of functions, and large organizations may have many HR professionals on staff. Generally HR functions are split into two broad categories. One, usually called HR management, or just HR, is concerned with the day-to-day operation of a company. HR development, or HRD, has a more […]

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