The Economics of Human Resources Management: Hiring, Firing, and Reward Systems


The Changing Emphasis of HR Decisions Despite the widespread impression that Human Resources is distinct from the other profit generating and economic functions such as Production, Sales, Marketing, and Core Competency driven work, the HR function is indeed driven as much by concerns over hiring and retaining the best talent as well as empowering and […]

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How Should HR Managers Deal with Occupational Hazards at the Workplace?


What are Occupational Hazards and how they have Manifested in the Industrial Era? By definition, Occupational Hazards are those casualties, injuries, and accidents that involve workers and professionals in the course of their work. As the name implies, these are hazards that are associated with their workplace lives and hence, are sustained in the course […]

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How HR Managers Must Address the Pay Disparities and Pay Gaps in Organizations


While Pay Disparities are Natural, Biased Pay Systems are not In any organization, it is natural for different employees to be paid differently based on their abilities, seniority, experience, and value that they bring to the organization. Indeed, no organization can afford to pay all employees the same unless it is a Non Profit or […]

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