How Innovative HR Policies boost Employee Productivity and Organizational Effectiveness


How Innovative can the HR Function Get? Innovative Human Resources (HR) policies can go a long way in boosting employee productivity and enhancing organizational effectiveness. For instance, it is often the case that the HR Function comes up with a mix of work-related and fun related activities that employees find interesting and something they can […]

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Why HR Managers Must Enforce Data Security and Information Protection Policies


When Knowledge is Power, It Makes Sense to Protect it from Theft In times when the knowledge based economy thrives and is predominant, it is more than important for organizations to protect their most valuable asset, which is data and information. Indeed, given the fact that contemporary organizations use knowledge as the main leverage over […]

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Human Resource Management in the Times of Emerging Digital Economy


Introduction: HRM in the Industrial and the Post-Industrial Eras The field of HRM or Human Resource Management has evolved from the time HR managers were primarily responsible to settling labour disputes and taking care of payroll during the Industrial Era to the time where they were primarily tasked with enabling performance, empowering employees, and providing […]

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