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Explaining Benefits of SHRM-SCP Certification

This is an exciting and central time in the HR profession. SHRM-SCP certification is poised to become the new standard for HR professionals worldwide. It is among the first HR certifications focused on teaching and testing the practical, real-life information HR professionals require to excel in their careers today, including knowledge, skills, and behavioral competencies.

The SHRM-SCP encourages HR professionals to acquire the competencies and knowledge they will need to do their jobs and achieve career success ultimately, now and in the future.

These certifications, built with employers in mind, will help set the global standard for excellence in HR.

Benefits of Getting the SHRM-SCP Certification

Earning an SHRM-SCP certification is an excellent way to step up in your HR career. It increases your self-confidence and makes you more reliable in the eyes of other HR professionals. Human resources professionals looking to walk their step up to an executive HR position, being certified, help get there.

Let’s explore a few benefits of obtaining an SHRM-SCP certification:

1. Use During Recruiting Processes

If you still did not get the dream job at the company you want, making a certification will help you stand out from the other applicants when the ideal position opens. Most large companies need candidates to have an HR certification from a reliable institution. This aids them to filter the candidates before they start reviewing applications.

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2. Higher Salary

If you are happy at the company you currently work with, the SHRM-SCP can also be advantageous for you. According to research, the median pay for an HR professional with an SHRM-SCP certification was close to $96,018, while those without any certification made around $46K. That represents nearly double the salary for certified professionals. That is also because SHRM-SCP certified professionals are promoted faster and tend to hold higher authority positions than non-certified people.

3. Boost in Recognition with SHRM-SCP Certification

Besides making you more likely to be promoted, an SHRM-SCP certification will boost your confidence and associate professionals’ recognition. This might not appear as valuable as a higher salary, but an award represents a big part of job satisfaction and professional fulfillment. The initials that will seem after your name on business cards or your LinkedIn profile show expertise and might represent an improvement in networking situations.

4. Show Loyalty to the HR Profession

Investing in the SHRM-SCP certification shows your long-term commitment to the human resources career, which makes it easier for managers to trust more significant responsibilities on you. If your manager understands your engagement in professional development, he or she will be more likely to dedicate time to mentor you.

5. Extra Incentive to Develop HR Knowledge

Knowing that you have the SHRM-SCP certification exam coming up will be an extra motivation to study HR concepts that you would not review without this incentive. The Society of Human Resources Management gives the SHRM-SCP Learning System as a resource for exam preparation.

6. Keep Yourself Competing in the Industry

By going into the learning modules, you will be getting the knowledge needed to keep yourself up to date with new HR technology resources and new employment laws and regulations. You will be helping not only yourself but also your company with powerful human resources knowledge. This investment might even help you defend your company from lawsuit risk by ensuring regulatory compliance.


SHRM’s goal with its SHRM-SCP certification is to move to what it calls a competency-based model. Since most currently available certificates focus primarily on knowledge over competency, that is, what candidates have learned, as distinguished from how they perform, SHRM has undertaken the development of a comprehensive learning and assessment tool.

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Once you have thought about the HR certification options and how they may or may not impact your career, you will understand if now is the time to sign up to take the test and get certified. Test result knowledge is confidential; the test providers do not publish who failed the exam or the number of times people have forgotten the exam.

Only candidates can receive their SHRM-SCP exam results from third parties. If you do not feel constrained to begin the journey now, you should wait. Embarking on the HR certification journey needs commitment. But the gains on your investment can be excellent.

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