Human Resource Audit – Meaning, Phases and its Advantages – [Update]

Human Resource Audit, HR

HR audits are done to examine whether the existing HR system are in line with the organizations policies, strategies and objectives, and legal requirements. Lets understand the need and importance of human resource audit in detail. Human Resource Audit is a comprehensive method of objective and systematic verification of current practices, documentation, policies and procedures […]

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Objectives of Human Resources Planning

Human Resources, Human Resource Plans

Overview Human resources planning includes strategic management of a department responsible for your work force. In the human resources professional community, one of the topics revisited over and over is getting involved in organizational objectives to make an impact on business success. Your company can attain its goals by including the human resources department in […]

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The Difference Between Operations & Strategic Human Resources

Human Resources, The Difference Between Operations & Strategic Human Resources Plans

In essence, the difference between operational and strategic human resources is outlook. Operational HR focuses on immediate and short-term needs, while strategic HR centers on integration over the long term. Described as separate entities, operational and strategic HR can be quite intertwined. Consider operations as tactical, or the way human resources work proceeds within the […]

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