How to Become HR Professional in India? Eligibility, Scope & Salary

HR Professional

No organization can run without proficient employees. A company’s workforce is its biggest asset. But, where do companies or employers find the most suitable candidates for various job profiles? There is a dedicated department in almost every organisation for this job – the HR or Human Resources department. In small companies, the hiring process is […]

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Importance of Internal Control Procedures in Human Resources

Human Resources

Human resource departments function in both a transactional and compliance capacity. The transactional function is concerned with process documentation, records maintenance and security, payroll and recruiting and hiring employees. Responsibilities within the HR compliance function focus on ensuring the business adheres to federal and state employment and labor laws. A strong internal control system that […]

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What is Human Resource Management? Overview, Functions, Career Options

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management, popularly known as HRM, is an organisational function that deals with people residing in that organisation. It consists of strategies and approaches to managing culture and workplace ethics to create a better employee environment. In addition, it successfully allows employees to provide input towards practical actions and reap more significant benefits. Members […]

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