Gifts for a New Employee

Entering the realm of the working world is a life-changing event. Although jobs bring in money, an initial small investment may be necessary to purchase all the items required to perform the job correctly. Often short on cash, a new employee will appreciate the support of family and friends rallying behind them to help with their success.

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Clothes and Accessories

Every new employee needs something to wear to work. Especially true for recent hires, your friend or loved one might not have all the clothes or accessories necessary to complete their first workweek. Students fresh from college, with the wardrobe of a co-ed and short on cash, will appreciate job-appropriate clothing or accessories for their new position. A business suit, dress shoes or watch offer gift-givers with a larger budget ideal options. Those with a smaller budget might consider a tie, socks or wallet. If your special someone is entering the service world such as the restaurant or health care industry, a pair of comfortable shoes or therapeutic gel insoles are an ideal present. Additionally, they will greatly appreciate receiving any part of their uniform.


Help any new employee stay organized and at the top of their game with a new smartphone, such as a Blackberry, iPhone or Droid. These hand-held wireless devices keep track of appointments so new employees can arrive on time and won’t miss a single meeting. New employees can import old phone numbers and store new ones as well as assign unique ring tones to each contact so they don’t screen the wrong calls. Few could deny the indispensability of the Internet in the workplace. A smartphone gives the user online access and offers a complete miniature keyboard to write emails and send text messages quickly.


It’s difficult to make money at your new job if you can’t get there. Transportation to and from work presents an added expense for their new career. Help them get a head start and subsidize their commute. A gift of transportation may sound expensive, but it truly spans all budgets. The most expensive and spectacular present for a freshly hired employee is a new or used car. If they already have a car, offer to make a monthly payment or hand over the cash for one or several months of car insurance. Gift-givers on a budget can purchase gas or transit cards placing the value they can afford on the card. Subway tokens or a monthly subway, bus or parking pass also presents a functional transportation gift idea for those on a tight budget.

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