How to Make Time for Safety at Work

Making time for safety at work is a matter of recognizing that it actually takes less time to take simple measures necessary to ensure workplace safety than to overlook potential hazards and deal with an employee injury. This is both an economic and an ethical issue: You lose money dealing with employee injuries and your workers have a basic right to safe working conditions. Showing them that you understand this fact will earn you their respect as well as their hard work.

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1. Start making time for safety at work at the very beginning, when you train new employees. Make training in safety procedures and precautions a necessary step in your new employee orientation program. Use this time to teach new employees about scheduled safety measures, the location of safety supplies and equipment and protocols for handling unsafe situations as they occur.

2. Consider safety when planning your workplace schedule. Allocate time slots for safety procedures. Make sure that your schedule allows adequate rest and respite for employees performing strenuous or hot jobs.

3. Communicate to your employees that remedying unsafe conditions is a company priority and it should come before any regularly scheduled task.

4. Specify a time in your day when you will be available to hear any worker concerns about safety issues. Dedicate time at employee meetings to update your staff about safety matters and listen to their feedback.

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