Is Earning PHR Certification Worth Your Time and Money?

Is Earning PHR Certification Worth Your Time and Money?

What is a PHR Certification?

Earning a PHR Certification is not very high compared to other HR Certifications, but it does need a significant amount of education and experience. Career human resources professionals should view a PHR as a long-term investment that will improve their knowledge and enhance their reputation among employers.

Obtaining a PHR certification implies that a recipient has successfully achieved a wide-ranging knowledge of the fundamentals of human resources management.

Learn About PHR exam on HR Professional Certification

These fundamentals come into six main categories, including employee and labor relations, business management, talent planning and acquisition, bonuses, learning and development, and employment law.

Who Grants the PHR Certification?

The Professional in Human Resources designation is awarded by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), a valued non-profit organization that gives a variety of HR professional certifications. HRCI is considered the gold pattern for HR professional development.

Become a Professional in Human Resources

Candidates for the PHR certification must satisfy minimum education and experience requirements and pass a severe exam. There are various options for meeting the education/experience requirements.

At a minimum, candidates must take:

  • One year of professional HR experience plus a master’s degree;


  • Two years of professional HR experience plus a bachelor’s degree;


  • Four years of professional HR experience plus a high school diploma.

The PHR exam is a computer-based exam consisting of 115 questions that are mostly multiple choice. Test takers are allowed 2 hours to finish the exam. HRCI does not support an appropriate resource or method of study, as every candidate’s preparation needs are complex.

How PHR Certification Can Impact Your HR Career?

HRCI provides self-study candidates with a diversity of resources to better prepare for the test, including study guides and online practice exams. HRCI also publishes an exhaustive list of test preparation providers that use both Classroom and Virtual instruction.

Cost to Become a PHR Professional

The PHR Exam fee is $395, and the Application fee is $100. The exam preparation materials are more reasonable if bought in a bundle together with the exam fees.

Is the PHR Certification Worth the Investment?

Based on job posting data, most employers favor or strongly prefer candidates for HR roles to have some human resources certification. The PHR certification is usually mentioned as a preferred qualification. Candidates with a certification assure employers that a particular level of knowledge and skills has been attained.

Studies have determined that pay levels could be up to 3% higher for HR employees with the PHR certification. For an HR professional, they are earning a salary of $50,000, an additional 3% changes to an additional $1,500 per year, meaning that candidates could get back preparation fees in as little as two years, depending on the preferred method of test preparation.

Prospective PHR candidates may want to consider potential opportunities with their managers before pursuing certification.

Do You Want a PHR Certification?

Another excellent reason to be a PHR is that it is one of the most lucrative professions in psychology where you still become to work with people. When you match the salary of PHR managers with marriage and family therapists or social workers, they make more money.

According to the average annual salary for a PHR manager is $71,343, but an MFT’s is only $51,000, and a social worker regularly makes around $54,000.

Benefits of Taking Online Practice Test of PHR Exam

1. Passing the PHR Test

This is the easiest and best reason to take a PHR practice exam, and it gives you a better opportunity of passing the test! According to the HR Certification Institute, only about 55% of first-time test-takers pass the PHR exam.

This is a more severe pass rate than many other clinical jobs. You are more likely to pass your certification exam as a nurse, therapist, social worker, or doctor. So, if you require to pass the exam on the first try, you might need to consider taking a PHR exam.

2. Learning More about the Exam

One way that the PHR practice exam helps prepare you is to help you learn about what is on the exam. These classes usually include many practice tests and as well as tips and tricks about exam content. You will also learn about what it is almost like to take the exam.

It is one thing to read online that it is three hours and 150 questions long. It is another to have a teacher tell you about their first-hand knowledge of that process is really like.

3. Saving Money in the Long-Run

This might look like a strange benefit because of online practice exam cost money. However, if you do not take a preparation class and end up failing the exam, you will end up paying more money in the long-run. It costs $395 to take the PHR practice exam, every time you need to make it.

Of course, the cost is a good deal more than this when you take into account the three hours of required work for taking the exam and the cost of lost wages from not being certified.

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4. Reducing Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can significantly interfere with practice test performance. Beyond that, it is tough on the body to be stressed about something. PHR practice exam can help overcome this feeling of fear and stress because it can help you feel assured in your ability to take and pass the exam. By taking practice tests and understanding what to expect, you will likely be able to relax a little bit the day of.


The PHR Certification is likely deserving the investment in time and money for those professionals that are trying a long-term career in HR management.

There are so many excellent reasons to pursue a professional in human resources certification. To begin with, it is a unique way to help people and companies function efficiently and humanely. Being a PHR allows you to work with many various types of people and change corporate environments for the better.

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