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The Duties of the Human Resource Manpower Development

The objective of human resource manpower development is to provide a framework for employees to develop their competencies necessary for individual and organizational efficiency and productivity as well as career growth. The employer is responsible for devising programs geared toward an employee’s career development and job skills acquisition after employment through training, performance management and organization development. Manpower development is typically a part of the organization’s human resource strategy and aims to maximize human capital potential so as to attain strategic business objectives.

Training and Development of Manpower

Among manpower development’s functions is to oversee the development of human expertise in the organization to improve productivity and efficiency. Through planning and monitoring of employee work results, development programs are designed to ensure employees acquire pertinent skills and qualities required for working at higher levels. This motivates the workers and enhances their career growth. Systematic training programs also place the organization in a unique position to confront the growing and changing needs of manpower, technology and diversification of business activities.

Performance Appraisal and Management

Performance evaluations and reviews are a crucial opportunity for employee improvement in your organization. Manpower development should devise techniques for managers to use in conducting meaningful and effective appraisals. Typically, these should help the manager rate goal achievement and assess performance against some defined metrics such as job-specific competencies and core company values. Effective performance appraisals will allow your management team to identify gaps in employee productivity, which can serve as the foundation for programs geared toward employee development.

Manpower Planning and Strategy Development

Planning consists of getting the right number and right kind of people in the right place. This ensures employees are assigned tasks for which they are well-suited to help the organization achieve its goals. Human resource manpower development has to analyze the current manpower inventory, make future manpower forecasts and determine whether recruitment from outside or promotions from within are necessary to boost performance. By identifying the different skill sets and talent required by respective areas of your business, a human resources strategy can be developed that considers how existing and future employees fit into your company’s overall business.

Employee Welfare and Quality of Work Life

The ultimate objective of manpower development is to contribute to the professional well-being, pride and motivation of the worker. Employee welfare refers to those efforts that improve the living standard of employees and hence the quality of work life. The goal is to provide good leadership, interesting and challenging jobs, safe working conditions and good wages. Several benefits can be extended to employees as indirect compensation plans to motivate them to perform better. In addition, you can implement an open-door policy or allow your employees to participate in the decisions that affect them and their relationship with the company.