How to Apply for Food Stamps With the Department of Human Resources

The food stamp program, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is a food assistance program provided by the federal government but administered by individual states. It assists low-income individuals and families who meet certain guidelines with the purchase of groceries. To qualify for food stamp assistance, you must go through the application process at your state’s department of human resources.

1: Visit or call your local department of human resources or the social security office in your county. Request an application for food stamps assistance. Request the application be mailed to you, pick one up in person or download and print an application, if available, from the county department of human resources website.

2: Read the directions thoroughly and fill out the entire application. You will need to provide information such as your current income, number of dependents and cost-of-living expenses.

3: Submit the completed application to the department of human resources or social security office and request an appointment with a case worker. If you submit your application to the social security office, your application may be over to the human resources department. The social security may also help you set up an appointment with a case worker. Gather all requested documents such as proof of income, paycheck stubs, identification and proof of residency to bring with you to the appointment. Information about acceptable documents is listed on the food stamp application.

4: Answer any questions your case worker asks and submit your required documents. Allow the state-mandated amount of time for your application to be processed, reviewed and approved. Inquire about the exact waiting time, as it can vary depending on the state.

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