Staffing and Evolution of Human Resource Management – Explained!

Staffing and Human Resource Management:

Human resources management is the part of management process which develops and manages the human elements of the enterprise considering their knowledge, skill, creativity, talents and potentials for contributing towards organisational objectives.

Human Resource management involves determining the organisation’s need of human resources, recruitment and selecting the best employee, training, developing, compensating and rewarding the employees. It also includes activities related to liaison with government, trade union etc.

Generally when these functions are carried out at small scale level in small organisations by every manager, we call it as staffing function by line managers but when these functions are performed at large scale in big organisation there is a need to create a separate department called Human Resources Management Department.

Evolution of Human Resource Management:

The concept of Human Resource management has developed as a slow process which involves following stages:

  1. With the emergence of industrial revolution the trade union activities became very active.
  2. The trade union activities forced management to appoint a person who could act as a link between owner and persons.
  3. This resulted in appointment of labor welfare officer. His role was limited to the welfare of employees only.
  4. With the introduction of factory system large number of labor were employed under one roof.
  5. This resulted in appointment of one more person who was given responsibility of recruitment, selection and placement of persons. This person was known as personnel officer.
  6. Due to importance of human relation approach and dynamic environment and changes taking place there arose the need for training and developing the employees to update their knowledge as human relation approach recognizes human factor as most important.
  7. This requirement of human relation approach led to replacement of personnel manager to human resource manager.

The present day human resource management concept includes the following activities:

  1. Human Resource Planning. It means determining the number and type of personnel required to fill the vacant job positions of an organisation.
  2. Employing people, i.e., recruitment, selection, and placement of personnel.
  3. Career growth, i.e., training and development of employees
  4. Performance appraisal including feedback.
  5. Motivation by offering financial and non-financial incentives.
  6. Compensation or remuneration of employees keeping in mind their qualifications and other factors.
  7. Providing social security and welfare of people.
  8. Review and audit of personnel policies and procedure.

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