How Can Your HRIS Improve Employee Wellness?

Despite how technology, especially AI, is portrayed in pop culture in films such as the Matrix and the Terminator series, it can actually look out for your employees’ health. HRIS technology is capable of prompting employees to perform certain tasks and duties. That same capability can be turned into a way to remind your employees to take care of themselves as well.

Why Is Employee Wellbeing Important?

Wellness isn’t just about avoiding being sick. The overall wellbeing of your employees can affect not just attendance but also productivity, morale, and retention. Healthy employees can be more efficient and productive and may be more satisfied with their jobs, especially if the company leads the way in allowing staff the opportunities to improve their health through work-based incentives.

Automatic Reminders

It can be important for employees to take breaks during the workday in order to avoid stress. It’s also healthy to stand up frequently and to give the eyes a rest from looking at a computer screen. A HRIS can send out reminders to employees who may be so focused on work that they may neglect to take a much-needed break.

Your HRIS can also send out reminders to employees to get enough sleep at night, to exercise, and to eat healthily throughout the day. All of these things can contribute to employees feeling better when they come into work. They can also improve morale and prevent employee burnout.

Company Wellness Incentives

Many companies provide wellness incentives and guidelines to encourage their employees to engage in healthier behaviors. Just as a HRIS can track employee information, training, and performance status, it can also be put to use implementing a wellness program. Such a wellness program can set goals for employees to meet, track their progress, and offer rewards for successes, all within the same HRIS your company already uses.

Wellness Perks

If your company offers wellness perks, such as discounts on fitness-related products or services, gym memberships, a company workout room, healthy food options, and more, the HRIS can be used to communicate those perks to employees, who may not otherwise know that they are available. Through a HRIS, employees can not only find out about any perks that are offered themselves, but they can also keep track of their own progress in any company wellness programs.

Consolidating Wellness Programs

In today’s digital age, it’s easy for your employees to become overwhelmed with all of the information about health, fitness, and overall wellness available to them online. Company wellness programs are now so common that many companies have more than one. This can make managing wellness goals and expectations difficult for employees for a variety of reasons.

The more different programs a company offers, the less likely it is that employees are aware of all of them. Employees cannot take advantage of programs that they don’t know about. Even if they do know about all of the available resources, if there are too many, they may spend more time trying to figure out what to do than actually doing anything at all.

A HRIS can help you manage your corporate wellness programs and not only ensure that your employees are aware of the available options and perks, but can also help you consolidate your wellness programs into one manageable program.

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