The Best Apps for HR

The number of smartphone users surpassed 4.5 million in 2018 and only continues to rise. This is good news for HR reps, as that also means that there are more apps available than ever before. The key is to find apps that best meet your needs. Each app will have different features and help with different aspects of the job.

So which apps are best for keeping yourself and your company’s workforce productive while on the go?

The Joy of Organizing

To-do lists are a thing of the past. Apps like Asana and Trello can help you organize employee tasks into different projects and categories and assign subtasks to specific employees. You can also use them to keep track of what tasks have been done, add helpful notes, and ease coordination between coworkers.

Recruiting Made Easy

Recruiting for an open position can take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are a lot of apps out there that can make the process easier. These include LinkedIn, which many HR professionals use to discover new leads, and GoodHire, which can make the process of running background checks faster and easier.

Stay In-the-Know

Good communication between employees is important for the smooth running of a company. Apps such as Google Hangouts and Slack can keep your workforce in touch with one another no matter where they’re working. Different groups can be created for different teams or projects so that it’s easy to keep everyone on-task and working with as few interruptions as possible.

Document Sharing

It’s important to have all documents that employees may need easily accessible anywhere they may be, whether that’s at home, another office building, a work trip, or a customer location. An app like Google Drive is free and allows employees to not only share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with each other, all documents are stored in the cloud and can be edited directly.

Cloud-based document storage means that project, training manuals, guidelines, and more are available 24/7 without needing to be emailed back and forth. Any changes are reflected immediately for everyone who views the document.

Keep Track of Expenses

An expenses-tracking app can simplify all tasks related to employee expenses and reimbursements. With an app like Expensify, employees can submit their receipts digitally instead of HR having to collect physical receipts and sort through them. Handling your expenses digitally also means that it’s a lot easier to make reports as well.

Don’t Miss Another Meeting

If employees have trouble coordinating their schedules for meetings, a calendar app is a must. Google Calendar allows you to have as many calendars as you need for different departments and teams and will share events and meetings with everyone who needs to know about them. Calendly, on the other hand, lets employees enter their availability and will match up free time so that it’s easier to schedule meetings.

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