Human Resources Strategies for the Textile Industry

Human Resources, Human Resource Plans

Human resources strategies play a key role in the development of textile enterprises, both in day-to-day activities and long-term objectives. HR is responsible for enhancing the capacity of the sales department in negotiation and contract management, motivating staff through benefits programs and creating conditions that facilitate technological advancement. Whether your company operates in the United […]

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The Duties of the Human Resource Manpower Development

Human Resources, HR, Human Resource Plans

The objective of human resource manpower development is to provide a framework for employees to develop their competencies necessary for individual and organizational efficiency and productivity as well as career growth. The employer is responsible for devising programs geared toward an employee’s career development and job skills acquisition after employment through training, performance management and […]

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List of HRM Competencies


The primary goal of human resource management (HRM) is to maximize workforce performance and value so as to meet the company’s business needs. Achieving this goal requires several HRM competencies within each of the human resource disciplines – recruitment and selection, training and development, workplace safety and risk management, employee relations, and compensation and benefits. […]

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