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10 Tips To Be The Best HR Professional

Want to be at the top of your field? Want to be the best HR professional that you can be? Need inspiration to help you get there?

Here are ten tips to be the best HR professional you can be:

1. Choose An HR Specification

Even if you’re a generalist and like to be one, you need to be a MASTER OF ONE area. It makes you special, unique and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

2. Build Strong Relationships

Performing and delivering results matter. They help you attract attention, rewards, recognition and promotions. But it will only take you to a certain point. When you reach the Human Resources leadership ranks, the perspective shifts radically. Results are still just as important, but the relationships you build within the organization are even more important.

3. Choose Your Team Wisely

Do your best to hire people who are at least your equal or preferable even better. Too many B and C players will ruin your department and your leadership reputation.

4. Create A Culture Of Feedback

Set up regular face-to-face meetings to dig deeper, decode and clarify any vague and confusing feedback you receive about your style, your approach or your performance when handling difficult situations. Clarification is a good thing, but don’t debate it or argue about it. Consider feedback a gift, a great insight into how you come across, and when receiving it, the MOST appropriate response is: “Thank you!”

5. Don’t Let Egos Get In The Way

HR must lead by example. When you and your HR team do a great job, don’t get carried away with the praise. Keep it real and show the other departments what it means to develop a sustainable culture of excellence.

6. Make Sure To Have Mentors

A University of Virginia and Harvard study found that people with three mentors are more likely to get promoted than someone with fewer than three. They also report more job and career satisfaction, perform better on the job and earn higher salaries. This is true in HR as well. Exceptionally successful HR leaders have usually had several influential mentors who helped their careers along the way.

7. Promote Change

The HR leader’s job is CHANGE. If you’re not initiating and guiding change, you’re managing – not leading.

8. Retain Your Top Performing Talent

When planning your HR strategy, make sure to look at your turnover numbers. Losing the top performing 20% of your people is 5 times more hurtful to your organization than any other group. It’s not HOW MANY you’re losing, it’s WHO you’re losing.

9. Communicate In A Way Which Appeals To Your Audience

To persuade, influence and really connect with people at a deep and emotional level, speak to them in their language — using their words, not yours.

10. Stretch The Limits Of Your Employees

Rapid talent development occurs when people are promoted SLIGHTLY before they are ready and are stretched SLIGHTLY out of their comfort zone. However, they will need a safety net so they can make it through to the other side.

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