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Top 10 HR Associations to Advance Your Career

HR associations are well respected in the HR field and can provide a level of credibility for HR professionals that opt to join them. HR associations provide certification opportunities, allow members to network and interact with HR leaders from around the world, and offer educational resources and tools.

There are a vast number of HR associations to select from, but the following is a compilation of the most recognized associations in the industry.

SHRM – Society for Human Resources Management

SHRM was founded in 1948 and is the largest HR association in the world, boasting 285,000 members. Members have access to a wealth of online resources, including personalized content and discounts on educational offerings. Members can obtain certifications that are recognized across the industry.

NHRA – National Human Resources Association

NHRA has been around since 1951 and relies completely on volunteers to run the organization. The association focuses on being a resource for professionals throughout their careers, from intern to executive level. The meetings, seminars, and conferences held by the NHRA are generally small and geared towards fostering strong interpersonal connections.

AHRD – Academy of Human Resources Development

AHRD was created to encourage continuing education in the field of human resources. The organization operates on a global scale and provides online resources as well as opportunities for networking through conferences and other events.

ATD – Association for Talent Development

The ATD is an organization best suited for HR professionals that work in the areas of training and development. The association offers a library of varied training materials and conferences to assist with development. The ATD also assists HR professionals looking for a job and organizations looking for HR professionals.

IHRIM – International Association for Human Resources Information Management

IHRIM helps members stay on top of the newest HR and HR technology information. The association was formed in 1980 to help professionals in the HR field collaborate, stay educated, and acquire certifications. The organization offers an annual conference, periodic publications, and access to HR systems, vendors, and job listings for all members.

CFGI – Council for Global Immigration

CFGI was previously known as the American Council on International Personnel. CFGI is a valuable resource for employers working to promote employment based immigration for highly educated and capable professionals. CFGI provides information on immigration policies around the world and helps members to comply with immigration laws in order to acquire top talent from far away.

CUPA-HR – College and University Professional Association for Human Resources

CUPA-HR is an organization based around optimizing HR management within the university and college setting. The organization consists of roughly 6,000 members. A main focus of the organization is regulatory issues that may affect human resources as a field, higher education, or both.

APA – American Payroll Association

The APA was established in 1982 and has come to be the leading payroll association in the United States. The organization is roughly 20,000 members strong. Members enjoy access to publications, seminars, training conferences, and certification opportunities.

HCI – Human Capital Institute

HCI is a fast growing HR organization that consists of about 190,000 members from around the world. HCI provides members with access to thousands of HR related articles and case studies, videos and webcasts, and consistently updated blogs. HCI strives to help members realize the maximum benefit from their human capital.

HRPS – HR People + Strategy

HRPS is a network run by SHRM that provides executives with 10 plus years of experience in the HR field access to exclusive content, conferences, and information. HRPS offers members insights into complex HR related issues.

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