How to Become a Human Resource (HR) Manager? Explore the Eligibility Criteria, Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resource

The Wall Street Journal’s recent report ranks Human Resource (HR) among the most promising careers of the forthcoming decade. Additionally, another survey report stated that there would be substantial growth in the jobs offered by the HR industry in India. Therefore, job prospects for Human Resource (HR) professionals are looking stronger than in the last […]

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The Duties of the Human Resource Manpower Development

Human Resources, HR, Human Resource Plans

The objective of human resource manpower development is to provide a framework for employees to develop their competencies necessary for individual and organizational efficiency and productivity as well as career growth. The employer is responsible for devising programs geared toward an employee’s career development and job skills acquisition after employment through training, performance management and […]

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Objectives of Human Resources Planning

Human Resources, Human Resource Plans

Overview Human resources planning includes strategic management of a department responsible for your work force. In the human resources professional community, one of the topics revisited over and over is getting involved in organizational objectives to make an impact on business success. Your company can attain its goals by including the human resources department in […]

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