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SPHR: Excellent Career with Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification

HRCI’s SPHR certification is a great choice to boost your HR skills and career. Learn more about the certification benefits through this blog.

What is SPHR Certification All About?

SPHR is one of eight certifications from HRCI which validates HR professionals’ knowledge and skills. SPHR’s full form is Senior Professional in Human Resources, and the certification talks about a professional certification offered by the Human Resources Certification Institute. More specifically, the SPHR exam proves your mastery of the strategic and policy-making decisions of HR. 

What Are the Benefits of Becoming SPHR Certified?

  • You can build your confidence and authority in HR.
  • Your HR knowledge stays current.
  • You become qualified for advanced HR roles, such as Senior People Manager.
  • HR Manager or HR Director.
  • You can earn a higher salary.
  • Exhibiting a mastery of competencies and knowledge that organizations find most important.
  • Expanding your scope within the HR field.
  • Bringing new ideas to your organization.
  • Standing out from other job-seekers.
  • Showing commitment to the HR profession.
  • Protecting your organization by ensuring regulatory compliance.

What Can You Expect in the SPHR Exam Format? 

The SPHR exam is two hours and thirty minutes long and consists of 115 and 25 pretest questions. You will face multiple-choice type, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, and scenario questions. The SPHR exam tests your HR knowledge and ability to apply HR principles to solve real-world problems and blend different elements or approaches to solve complex problems.

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The Exam Covers the Following Functional Areas: 

Talent Planning and Acquisition Covers 16%:

It includes forecasting organizational talent needs and making strategies to attract and engage talent.

Learning and Development Covers 12%: 

This part develops strategies and training to retain employees

Leadership and strategy Covers 40%:

This domain contributes to developing HR strategy, monitoring risk, and influencing people management operations.

Employee Relations and Management Covers 20%:

This domain talks about monitoring employee satisfaction and performance.

Total rewards Covers 12%: 

This is about monitoring the effectiveness of compensation and benefits for attracting and retaining employees.

Who Should Take the SPHR Exam?

The SPHR or Senior Professional in Human Resources certification is suitable for HR professionals with strategic and policy-making backgrounds. The certification is designed for leaders involved in planning rather than using HR policy in the U.S. SPHR professionals are responsible for HR department goals, planning, and executing business methods and technology while knowing the overall HR requirements of the organization.

What Should Be Your Eligibility Criteria to Take the SPHR Exam?

A candidate must have the following qualities to sit for the SPHR exam.

  • You must possess a Master’s degree or higher or at least four years of experience in a professional-level HR position.
  • The SPHR candidate must be experienced in a professional-level HR position with at least five years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree, 
  • They must have seven years of professional HR work experience.

How to Prepare for the SPHR Exam?

Gain Your Knowledge Regarding the SPHR Exam Domains:

The SPHR exam covers five major domains, and one must be strong enough to take the exam smoothly. The Leadership and Strategy domain covers most of the syllabus domains; therefore, one must study hard and grasp this domain. If you want to be confident enough, you must work on other domains, too, to score well in the exam. Develop a writing habit to make important notes from all the syllabus domains.

Take Practice Tests for Real Exam Experience:

Practice test exams are designed to offer you a real exam experience, and you can learn more about your strengths and weaknesses through rigorous practice. Therefore, enroll for practice test exams and improve your performance with every attempt. 

Benefits of Earning the SPHR Certification:

Stay Updated with Relevant Knowledge:

With the SPHR certification, aspirants have proven the retention of a top-grade and very current knowledge base in human resource work. The SPHR understands and participates in all emerging, industry-leading news and procedures, which translates to the group’s certification offerings. The SPHR certification is not a traditional one but a highly relevant and cutting-edge HR certification for today’s business world.

Improved Skill Base:

SPHR certification teaches precious information. SPHR certifications boost the aspirant with efficient skills and knowledge to execute their work well. These skills are applicable not only to day-to-day situations but also in extending tricky and unexpected scenarios.

Employer-Minded Certifications:

HRCI certification recipients also can be assured about one thing that they will be proving to employers and work for the benefit of organizations. They learn industry-recognized skills and help fulfill an organization’s demand. This is because the HR industry actually helped to create these certification programs. More than 35,000 professionals related to HRCI have contributed to the making of the certification and policies.

Universally Accepted:

When aspirants earn their HRCI certification, they grab a certification recognized completely across the globe and industries. Certification holders can utilize these credentials for any number of job scopes for the remaining lives of their careers. The efficiency they earn through the SPHR certification never faints.

Bottom Line:

When it is about leading representative forces in human resources, the HRCI certifications do work. Those associated with the HRCI certifications grab the benefits of a better career. Therefore, study hard and pass the SPHR exam with ease.