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What Values, Beliefs & Practices Should Human Resources Promote?

It’s easy for human resources to fall into the routine of simply enforcing company policies. However, human resources is in a unique position to craft the culture of a company. Human resources should work with company executives to craft a mission statement and set of core values for the company. These documents will help the company stay on track when considering new projects and business directions.


In the wake of corporate scandals that have defined the last few decades, company stakeholders have become more concerned about transparency. Human resources is often viewed as a mechanism for protecting secrets and important information. However, human resources can cultivate an environment of openness and honestly. Maintain a whistle blower hotline and commit to investigating all complaints. Companies can also implement anonymous supervisor evaluations, where employees can regularly speak with their superior’s boss about any issues.

Maintain Key Alliances

The primary goal of human resources is find the best possible candidates to contribute to company goals. Human resources should invest time in developing relationships with universities and executive recruiters to access the best pool of candidates. Encourage departments to take on interns and temporary workers on a regular basis. It may seem simpler to hire full-time employees, but temporary placements allow the company to ensure the success of the candidate before making a commitment.

Internal Development

Employee turnover is costly to a company and disruptive to operations. To retain employees, develop a commitment to individual development. Allow employees the option of rotating through other departments or areas of interest. For employees with professional certification, offer regular training and classes to allow them to stay current in their area of expertise. Ensure managers are talking to employees about their goals and aspirations; an employee will stick around when they know the sky’s the limit.

Fair Appraisals

To maintain morale and top-notch talent, ensure the company fairly appraises employee performance. Networking and nepotism may be unavoidable in some situations, but human resources can take steps to minimize it. Make sure managers have been properly trained on performance-appraisal practices and techniques. Encourage managers to give ongoing feedback so employees have the opportunity to correct any issues. Performance plans should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they’re still relevant for the employee.