Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Planning Strategies

Human resource management is a function responsible for managing employee resources for an organization–ensuring that organizations have the appropriate employee resources to meet business needs. Effective planning requires a look at the current and future needs of the organization, a review of existing resources and their skills, and an evaluation of available talent inside and outside the organization.

Business Needs–Current And Future

Effective human resource planning must be tied to the needs of the business now and in the future. Human resource leaders should be part of the organization’s strategic planning process and aware of the staffing needs required to achieve goals and objectives. In addition to considering the needs required to meet current plan objectives, human resource professionals must also consider future needs often related to changes in technology or new innovations that require new and different skills.

Staff Skills, Experience And Tenure

In considering human resource planning, human resource leaders need to assess current staff skills and experience. What are the gaps that exist between existing skills and the skills needed to meet business demands? What training efforts might help to fill those gaps? What new staffing requirements to the gaps suggest? In addition, human resource leaders need to look toward the future in terms of considering employee retirements and the potential for turnover, particularly in key positions. Developing succession plans and tying leadership development activities to those plans can be a good way to ensure an internal pipeline of talent and skill to meet business needs.

Availability of Talent

The identification of staffing needs can lay the foundation for the development of human resource strategies to provide an environment that will ensure the retention of key employees. Human resource professionals must also be considering access to new talent, though, to meet current and future needs. Part of this consideration will be related to whether business needs can be met through outsourced staff, through interns, current staff with the addition of specific training or recruited staff from the local, regional, national or international market.