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If You Want an HR Job, Consider This PHR Certification

The HRCI Professional in Human Resources PHR certification is a professionally relevant credential for those who have mastered HR management’s technical and operational aspects, including knowledge of US laws and regulations. HRCI maintains sole ownership of the badge.

Recognized as part of an elite human resource network, individuals holding PHR certification have demonstrated their commitment to human resources management.

What Is PHR Certification?

If you are a professional working in Human Resources, the Professional in Human Resources certification is a proper certification. HR Certification Institute is the organization that offers this PHR certification to professionals with experience in HR practices, human resources organizational design, and program implementation.

Professional in Human Resources is an acceptance within the HR profession. It causes you a worthy competitor during the job hunt as organizations will discover you a more adorable candidate. Besides offering you a better employment opportunity, this PHR certification will positively impact your salary and promotion.

According to the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), more and more job listings are including HR certification as needed or preferred. Because when employers hire certified HR professionals, they also hire ease of mind that those staff members have learned the knowledge they require to operate the organization’s human resources and remain current in changes to HR laws and core exercises.

In the modern economy, proving professional competency is imperative. In human resources, making a credential like the PHR is one of the most effective methods to stay competitive.

Gear up Your Career with HRCI Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification

Certifying your HR team has at least two primary benefits to your organization. First, it describes your high standards for the quality of work you desire from your HR staff. Second, it offers your HR staff value for their professional development, enhancing loyalty and retention. Because the test is difficult, you desire to provide your staff is prepared to put their best foot forward.

In this post, we will walk through three factors that contribute to the PHR’s famous severity and, in the end, help you think about the learning platform features that can provide your employees with a leg-up.

What Does the PHR Certification Certify?

The PHR test certifies the best qualifications of a human resources professional. Whenever an organization hires someone with a PHR accreditation, they can rest guaranteed of that person’s high standards.

Apart from the qualifying work experience, it supports an individual’s necessary knowledge of standard HR practices. Moreover, these certificate holders are also updated on the recent changes in the HR field.

The PHR Certification also certifies the competencies of an HR professional in the following areas of knowledge:

1. Workforce and Employment

A PHR Certified Professional comprehends employment and workforce management, including salary negotiation, recruitment, onboarding, orientation, employee retention, and exit.

2. Employee and Labor Relations

PHR certificate holders can create and manage working conditions and employee relations strategies. They can also assess the organizational environment, settle employee complaints, and manage termination processes.

3. Compensation and Benefits of PHR Certification

Individuals with PHR certification can also develop, implement, and evaluate their organizations’ benefits programs. They can also create compensation and valuable strategies for a company, sticking to laws and regulations.

4. HR Development

The HR certificate holders can design and evaluate employee training and performance management programs. They understand global issues and federal laws connected with HR development.

5. Business Management and Strategy

PHR accreditation also provides professionals with sound business strategy and management knowledge to support their organization’s vision.

6. Risk Management

The certification means implementing workplace safety risks, risk management, disaster recovery plans, and investigation policies by the certified professional to encourage a safe working environment.

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Career Opportunities of PHR Certified Professionals

Being PHR certified means, you have a higher chance of getting shortlisted and hired. With this PHR certification in your resume, earning attention from the recruiters becomes earlier.

According to Salary’s study, HR professionals with a PHR accreditation get a 3% increase in salary reached to the ones without the certification.

As of June 2022, the average salary range of a PHR certification holder in the USA is between $56,550 and $118,962.


A PHR certification can be the turning point in the life of an HR professional. This developed certification indicates your skill in technical and operational aspects of Human Resources. Now that you understand the top resources for this verification exam, you can make the intelligent move to uplift your career by taking PHR certification.

After all, this HRCI certification is a long-term investment in time and money to enhance your position among your colleagues.