Human Resources

Easy Seminar Topics for Human Resources

Human resources seminar topics include training and development for all levels of HR staff — from entry-level HR assistants to HR managers. They address the separate disciplines of HR, such as recruitment, compensation and employee relations, which are the basic elements of practically any HR department. They also are easy topics to present, because the material contains straightforward information useful to new and seasoned HR staff alike.


How to create job postings that attract qualified applicants, scheduling candidate interviews and asking effective interview questions are ideal topics for an HR seminar on recruitment and selection. Fair employment practices, such as those required by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, are fundamental to recruiting. Therefore, beginning the seminar with an explanation of fair employment practices creates the necessary foundation for recruitment learning objectives.

Compensation and Benefits

A key HR function is how the company pays it workers. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 should be discussed first, because it’s the federal law that mandates employees’ wages, overtime pay and exempt and nonexempt employee classification. An explanation of how labor conditions impact wages and compensation practices is a ancillary topic that assists compensation specialists in learning more about pay strategy for their organizations.

Employee Relations

The employee relations discipline of HR focuses on strengthening the employer-employee relationship through ensuring job satisfaction, recognizing employee contributions and resolving workplace conflict. Although an HR discipline unto itself, employee relations touches almost every other aspect of the employment relationship — recruitment, promotion, safety, employee performance and compensation. Seminar topics on employee relations are useful for HR staff and line supervisors, department managers and company leaders.