Methods of HR Selection Techniques

Finding and keeping great talent is a top priority for business owners. Having huge employer eat at resources, time and money for employers. This is why more business owners consider human resources selection techniques that help vet out prospects more effectively, There are several types of methods you can use or you can create a mix to find the best combination for hiring talent that produces the desired results.

Using Behavioral Questions

Many employers are developing behaviorally based questions to understand how the prospect thinks and the types of choices they will make at work. Prospects have learned to master the old interview questions about their work history. Changing things up with behaviorally based questions makes them think on the spot, and gives you a more honest response that wasn’t crafted long before a resume was submitted.

An example of a behavioral question is, “How would you deal with a situation, if your co-worker was constantly late for his shift after yours and you were going to miss your train if you didn’t leave on time?”

Administering Skills Tests

Some jobs require specific skills. Skills test make sure your prospect has at least, a minimum level of skill for any required task. This could be a typing test, a writing test or even a math test. For some businesses, it could be a product assembly test.

Determine what is important to you and to the job, and then set minimum skill levels. This is a quick way to weed out prospects who might list mastery of a specific skill on a resume but, in fact, he might not have truly mastered that skill. Many tests can be administered online, at the convenience of the prospect, freeing up your time to do other tasks

Using Personality Tests

Personality tests are also becoming popular ways to interview candidates to determine if the candidate has the personality to succeed in a specific job. For example, a person who is not comfortable speaking with strangers, might not do well in a sales position. A person who hates conflict at all costs, might need a lot of work to develop tools to become an effective manager who can resolve conflict. There are many common tests, most notably the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality test.

Many job hunting sites offer subscriptions for employers to conduct various pre-interview tests such as skills and personality tests.

Conducting a Panel Interview

Conducting a panel interview with the candidates you are most seriously considering can seem like additional work. There is a lot of value to it, however. When one person asks a question, the other person is better able to observe the prospect. Different people see different things, in terms of body language, tone or answers that caught their attention.

When the candidate leaves, the panel can have an objective conversation about what they liked and didn’t like. If you are the type of manager who wants to see the best in everyone, you can sometimes hire people with the hope that they are able to do the job, when in fact, this might not be the case. A panel helps eliminate this habit.


Use the same format for every prospect. Using the same questions and methods facilitates more objective results. Many job hunting sites offer subscriptions for employers to conduct various pre-interview tests such as skills and personality tests.