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What Is the Objective of Being an HR & General Administrator?

Human resources and general administration can be merged into a single position that combines employee development with office administration duties. This position is sometimes referred to as human resources administrator. It can serve as a bridge bringing employees and employers together on a range of matters such as job training, health benefits, company policy and compensation, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Building Employees

An HR general administrator’s main objective is to help the employer recruit, manage, develop, organize and motivate employees. This position is key in helping an employer meet the goal of higher productivity and employee engagement, according to a human resources career description by the career services center at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Each workday might involve a wide spectrum of tasks that include planning HR strategy, mentoring employees, implementing training programs, facilitating workplace communication or addressing management’s concerns.

Understanding the Company

One of the most important objectives an HR administrator can focus on is developing employee skills in a way that lets them better contribute to the organization’s productivity and financial success, according to a 2014 Forbes article by Edward E. Lawler III, a professor at the University of California’s Marshall School of Business. An HR administrator with this objective will seek a thorough understanding of the skills her organization needs in its employees and managers and look for the best ways to secure those skills within the company ranks.

Upgrading Processes

Keeping up with the latest HR software and technology is an objective for your administrator. For example, a rising number of job candidates are finding jobs using mobile devices rather than desktop computers, according to a 2013 Forbes article by Josh Bersin, founder of the research firm Bersin by Deloitte. Proficiency with a mobile app designed to attract new recruits can improve your administrator’s recruiting success. Additionally, learning about the latest software available to help test skills and screen backgrounds on new recruits can make an HR administrator more efficient at finding needed talent, Bersin said.

Guiding Transitions

The HR and general administrator might also be tasked with helping orchestrate the smooth transition of an organization’s change of leadership or company direction. For example, if your company merges with another one, your administrator’s prime objective might be to help employees adjust to their new department heads or job descriptions. According to the Ross School of Business, widespread company changes typically require an administrator’s help in reassessing a company’s plans regarding hiring, training, compensation and strategy.