Human Resources Assistant, HRIS

Qualifications for a Human Resources Assistant

A human resources assistant is an administrative professional who is employed within the human resources department of a business. The primary duties of this position are to maintain all employment records and provide clerical assistance to the human resources manager as requested. The role of a human resources assistant is entry level. In most instances, it is performed by a recent college graduate as a stepping stone into a career within human resources. However, there are some qualifications needed to become a human resources assistant.

Education or Experience

The formal study of human resources is a relatively new practice. Prior to the 1990s, businesses typically looked at this department as an administrative function that simply collected and maintained employee files. It has become common, however, for a business to understand the value that the human resources function adds to its business model.

In light of this, many organizations prefer to hire candidates for the role of human resources assistant who possess or are working toward a degree within human resources management, organizational development, labor relations or a related field of study. Alternately, a person with prior professional experience within the field is also an acceptable candidate.

Communication Skills

A human resources team interacts with each employee of a business. As a result, a qualified human resources assistant must be able to effectively communicate with individuals at all professional levels. He may be required explain the firm’s benefits plan to new employees. He might deliver formal offers of employment to job applicants. He could also draft interoffice memos regarding new workplace policies and procedures. It is important for the assistant to communicate these oral and written messages in a clear and concise manner.

Technical Aptitude

The use of human resources information systems (HRIS) is standard within most organizations. Companies nationwide use computer software such as TALEO, PeopleSoft and Lawson to maintain information related to each aspect of the human resources function, including staffing, employee relations, performance appraisals, training compensation and benefits. A human resources assistant uses HRIS systems on a routine basis.

She is responsible for entering all information into the database. She will also be called upon to access files that have been stored, generating reports consistently. As a result, a candidate for the role of human resources assistant must be technically proficient and able to quickly learn and navigate these computer-based programs.