HRM, Human Resources Assistant

What Are the Duties of a Human Resources Assistant?

A human resources assistant is an administrative professional who performs a variety of transactional duties in support of a business’ human capital and employment initiatives. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2009 that successful candidates for this role are typically required by employers to possess only a high school diploma or its equivalent. This role is an entry-level position, often used a stepping stone to a career within human resources.

Employee Relations

The primary duty of a human resources assistant is to collect and manage all data pertaining to a business’ employees. This is often accomplished with the use of computer software called a human resource information system (HRIS). When a person is hired by the firm, a human resources assistant creates an employee file that includes all pertinent information, including contact numbers, professional, educational history, current job title and salary information. She updates that file anytime a modification, such as a promotion, salary increase or change in work location, occurs in the worker’s status. She also routinely adds performance appraisal data when such events take place.

When requested by a manager, a human resources assistant creates reports based upon the data that has been collected. For example, when an organization looks to identify high potential team members, the assistant will use the HRIS system to print out a list of workers who have rated well during their respective performance reviews.

Recruitment And Selection

A human resources assistant is actively involved in the staffing practices of his employer. As candidates apply for open positions within the firm, the assistant collects and screens each resume, passing on only the most qualified to the recruiter or human resources manager. He schedules interview appointments and, in some instances, conducts telephone and face-to-face interviews with each applicant.

When successful candidates have been identified, a human resources assistant drafts and presents them with offer letters. He also coordinates any pre-employment activities required, such as drug and criminal background screenings. In addition, he may also lead new hire orientation procedures.

Human Resources Administration

Serving as the administrator for the human resources department, a human resources assistant performs all clerical duties required for the team to operate efficiently. She drafts all department correspondence, such as employee handbooks and interoffice memorandums. She coordinates all business travel arrangements for human resources staff members. She also collects and maintains any contracts the department has with external service providers.