List of Human Resource Topics for Improving Manager-Employee Relations

HR, HRM, Human Resource Plans

When employees and their managers have mutually respectful and cooperative relationships, the workplace is a happier and more productive place. If you feel that manager-employee relationships are not as strong as they could be within your workplace, select some areas of focus relating to the development of these relationships. After selecting topics upon which to […]

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The Necessity of Drafting Proper and Foolproof Employment Contracts


What Are Employment Contracts ? Employment contracts are covenants between the employer and the employee which provide the basis and the terms and conditions for the employment relationship. Employment Contracts usually state how much salary would be paid, what the perks are, the nature of the employment relation, the basis for firing when the employee […]

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Difference between Human Resource Management and Marketing Management

HRM, Marketing Management

Every organization contains different departments to help in organization growth and effectiveness. The department’s Financial Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management are considered as main and functional departments. This article concentrates on differentiating functions, activities, problems, etc of Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human resource Management is […]

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