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Benefits of for Attaining HRCI Certification

HR Certification Institute (HRCI) certification is the world’s highest standard for HR Professionals. HRCI awards six certifications that provide an opportunity for HR professionals across the globe to demonstrate significance, competence, experience, credibility, and commitment to human resources to employers, clients, staff members, and professional peers. Human Resources experts in more than 100 countries are HRCI certified.

HRCI Certification

Professional certifications let those around you understand that you are on top of your game. Within the world of human resources management, making one of the many credentials from the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) is an excellent means of demonstrating your commitment to your profession, your organization, and the employees you serve.

After certification, HRCI credential holders are expected to keep their certification status active by making qualified HR-related professional development projects such as webcasts, seminars, online courses, and conferences every three years. This recertification process assures that the credentials you hold consistently demonstrate a high level of competency within the field of human resources management.

Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) is a US-based credentialing body that offers HR managers, generalists, and administrators certifications. It awards the certificates after the professionals complete the exams of competency covering Human Resource Management practices, policies, and principles as the subjects. Thus, it helps HR professionals boost their career opportunities, professional credibility, and compensation rates.

The examination content of HRCI varies by the type of certification. The institute designs every exam to exhibit mastery and real-world application of HR practices, principles, and policies. The NCCA takes care of the accreditation for the exams. Also, professionals need to renew/recertify their credentials every three years. They can do this either by retaking the certification exam or by earning 60 HR-related professional development training credits.

Essential Benefits of HRCI Certification

HRCI offers eight certifications. These certifications were created to meet the requirements of various HR professionals based on experience and education. They differ from associate to professional, and lastly, to senior professional-level HR staff.

Explore the following advantages of HRCI certification to learn more.

1. Networking Opportunities

Getting an HRCI certification will allow you further networking opportunities. According to HRCI’s website, over 140,000 professionals in the HR field have a certificate.

So, at your next conference or networking event, make positive to put your HRCI credentials on your nametag. You may meet other HRCI certified individuals who could aid you to land your next job or promotion.

2. Chances of a Higher Salary

On a regular, people who are HRCI certified earn a higher salary.

So, how much more do they make? The answer differs between 2.9% and 16% more than their peers without an HRCI certification.

What is more is that when an individual managed Senior Professional certification from Professional certification, their median pay developed from $72,000 to $108,000.

There is also a lot of assigning a higher salary after obtaining an HRCI certification.

3. Possibility of Promotions

The workforce can be a competitive place. Not only are we struggling to get a job, but we may also have to fight against our colleagues for promotions. Individuals who have an HRCI certification are more likely to get these promotions than their non-certified peers.

4. Enhanced Confidence

Education can provide us with a much-needed increase in confidence. Getting an HRCI certification can serve to refresh your knowledge while also teaching you new ways to work. You can also learn more about your field, which can increase your overall work performance.

5. Esteem

Credentials are not everything, but they do grant you higher regard. Organizations, bosses, and colleagues are likely to hold you in higher regard after receiving an HRCI certification. You will also get to add the credential to the end of your name to show your commitment to education and HR.

6. Job Seeking

Looking for a job can be challenging. This is incredibly accurate if you want to work in a professional field but do not have a degree. By getting an Associate HRCI certification, you can set yourself apart from other candidates.

Candidates with a Professional or Senior Professional HRCI certification can also develop their chances of settling a job at another company.

7. Proof of Competency

Passing an exam is no easy task. The HRCI exams vary in duration from around 2 to 3 hours. The number of questions on the exams varies from 100 to 140 questions, not including pre-test questions.

By completing this exam, you are giving proof of your intelligence and competency. It also gives you are able in understanding HR.

8. Staying Up-to-Date

After working in the field, we may feel like we require a refresher. HRCI certifications give us a sure way to update our knowledge and stay on top of current HR trends. To hold an HRCI certification long-term, you will also need to get recertified every three years.

This means that you are setting yourself up for long-term success by committing to staying up-to-date with current HR education.

9. Low-Cost Education

HRCI certifications are affordable and accessible. These certifications have been completed in over 100 countries around the world. They are low-cost, especially about taking a college course or getting another degree.

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And, since they can give you a pay increase, these certifications can practically pay for themselves.

Putting the Advantages of HRCI Certification to Work

To obtain the full benefits of HRCI certification, you will also need to take action. Ensure to update your resume and let your boss understand that you now have this certification.

Getting these certifications is an accomplishment. It gives future employers and current ones that you are self-motivated and willing to take on a challenge. It also shows them that you are severe about your career and that you value your position.

It also reveals to them that you are willing to work in HR long-term. You have committed to your profession and are seeking growth regularly.

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