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ProcessExam.com Review: One of the Best aPHR Practice Test

Here is how ProcessExam.com helped Meghna to pass the aPHR exam. She had a degree in psychology, but her sudden thought to make a career in HR made her think about the aPHR exam.

She planned to crack the exam through the self-study method. ProcessExam.com became a useful source of her preparation. She clicked for the aPHR syllabus at ProcessExam.com and came across the sample questions and practice test, which became an important part of her exam preparation later.

Before jumping to Meghna’s study plan, let’s get some idea about the aPHR exam.

What Is the aPHR Exam?

The aPHR or Associate Professional in Human Resources is the recently introduced first-ever HR certification by HRCI. The HRCI or the Human Resources Certification Institute is an American certification organization for making a career in the HR department. HRCI offers a variety of exams for certification, which are proof of field expertise and distinction.

Who Should Take the aPHR Exam?

The aPHR certification is highly recommended for candidates who are just beginning their HR career. Eligibility is dependent on a high school diploma or equivalent degree for taking the aPHR exam. There is no need to have prior HR experience since the exam is knowledge-based. Receiving this certification can help new HR professionals launch their career in the right direction and solidify their HR skillset.

Summary of the aPHR Exam:

The aPHR exam is 135 minutes long exam asks 125 questions. Among the 125 questions, 100 questions are scored and 25 are pretest questions. The questions are basically multiple-choice type. A candidate needs to obtain 500 marks to pass the aPHR exam. The exam scale is set between 100 to 700.

What Topics Are Covered under the aPHR Exam?

A candidate learns about topics like-

  • Health, Safety, and Security
  • Human Resource Development and Retention
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employee Relations
  • HR Operations

Study Guide to Ace the aPHR Exam:

Make A Study Plan and Focus More On the Weighted Part:

The topic of HR operations covers most of the syllabus. Schedule an exam date with Pearson Vue or using OnVue. Taking enough time is important; a candidate must take at least two months to get ready for the aPHR exam.

Completing the whole aPHR syllabus is the key to become successful. Once a candidate has decided to pass the exam, he must devote quality time to the exam preparation. If your scheduled time is two hours for daily practice, utilize the time in a distraction-free manner. You can read from the online resources and can utilize the time for internet surfing.

Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR)

Use Materials from HRCI:

A candidate can take the help of the exam preparation provider directory. They can find self-study materials and training there. Joining training is highly beneficial because, you get a chance to learn from the experts and can implement the knowledge in your exam.

Choose the Reliable Practice Test Over Dumps:

Studying hard does not guarantee your success in the exam. But whenever you combine studying with practicing well, it will assure you success. A candidate must know about the weaknesses and strengths of his exam preparation. Taking a practice test will make a candidate familiar with the actual exam. The result section of practice tests identifies the sections they are unable to answer. Through evaluation and continuous hard work, a candidate can be successful in the exam.

Dumps are cheaper, but you can’t take exams or assess yourself. So, it is always better to practice with online tests.

Meghna discovered one of the most reliable aPHR practice test at ProcessExam.com. Her dedication and continuous practice helped her to ace the exam smoothly.

Benefits of Being aPHR Certified:

Career Advancement Is Guaranteed:

When you are trying to prove your skills and knowledge in the HR field, what could be better than an HR certification.

A study conducted by the HRCI found that 96% of employers think that HR certifications are essential and, when selecting job applications, would favor a candidate with certification over a non-HR certified candidate. In short, having the aPHR certification makes you stand out from the crowd and increases your chances of getting a promotion or job.

The HRCI study also found that professional certification was second only to graduate degrees when considered which credential employers valued most. In addition, aPHR certification was seen as the best-performing degree in several fields, including career advancement and return on the exam.

Bottom Line:

So get ready for a better career through the aPHR exam. I hope Meghna’s experience will be helpful for candidates aspiring to take a professional HR career.

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