How to Use the Internet As a Background Check on Employees

Background checks are an invaluable hiring tool for employers allowing companies to screen for potentially inadequate backgrounds among applicants. A few decades ago, companies would have to wait for extended periods of time to receive background checks in the mail from vendors. Nowadays, there are countless companies that offer background check services online and update their clients in real time as new information becomes available.

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How to Perform Background Checks Online

1. Research and select the company you’d like to conduct background checks on your applicants. Prices and services vary widely from company to company, so it’s best to browse several websites of different background check companies to find the one that best fits your needs.

2. Register for the website. In most cases, the website will need to verify your business license and registration for legal purposes and verify the business address and phone number by contacting you. You’ll also have to pay a small registration fee. The registration application usually consists of business and contact information, so have your information ready.

3. Request background checks. Once you clear registration, begin requesting background checks from the company by entering your applicant’s pertinent data as prompted. You’ll usually be required to select a background check package that varies in price.

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