The Disadvantages of an HR Scorecard


An HR scorecard identifies department areas that have an impact on the organization’s goals. Productivity, turnover, promotion and employee satisfaction are common categories for an HR scorecard. HR scorecard categories aren’t static. They change according to the organization’s needs, previous scorecard measurements and the effectiveness of HR functions and outcomes. Also Read: SHRM Certified Professional […]

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What Are the Duties of Human Resource Management in Interpreting & Implementing Personnel Policies?


Human resources management should be involved from the very first conversation about workplace policies to the final publication of employee handbooks. In addition, HR leads the communication and marketing plans that support the unveiling of personnel policies. Strategic planning, development, implementation and interpretation are within HR management’s purview to ensure that the company’s policies reflect […]

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Effects of HRM on Workplaces


Human resource management involves practices used by managers and HR workers and automated systems to manage people. Examples of HRM practices include performance management, hiring, firing, training, payroll and employee benefits administration. Without organizational coordination through HRM practices, managing personnel is cumbersome, which can leave employees feeling dissatisfied and wanting to work for a more […]

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