How to Develop HR Department Incentives & Goals

Goals and incentives are created to motivate your human resources team to achieve outstanding results. Crafting the ideal system that will properly motivate your staff takes careful planning and the involvement of many people. Communication is also vital, and selecting the proper communication channels, as well as the timing of the notifications, will help to ensure the success of your plan. An effective goal and incentive program should take into account every department member and how you can best maximize each team member’s performance. Your incentive and goal program should not only motivate your staff, but also help to contribute to the financial success of your organization.

Develop a Human Resource Goal and Incentive Plan

  1. Gather all necessary information. Secure copies of all previous plans and their results. Obtain a copy of all company financials and review them for reference. Research your company’s previous plans as well as those from other companies. Gather all employee files and review them for past incentive results. Research effective communication strategies from previous plans and select best strategies that were effective.
  2. Interview employees for input about previous plans. Speak with human resource colleagues from other companies for their success stories. Meet with upper management to obtain support and prepare communication strategies. Review all past employee goals for success rates. Determine which factors will make the most difference to your company. Research how to measure the success of your goal and incentive plan.
  3. Prepare your goal and incentive plan. Align your program with company goals and determine how your department can best achieve them. Determine the appropriate measures of success of your plan and create a tracking system for measuring it. Finalize your communication strategy and plan for your kickoff meeting.
  4. Implement your plan. Communicate your goal and incentive plan to your human resources department. Hold your kickoff meeting and obtain buy-in from your staff. Answer all questions and completely discuss all details of your plan. Obtain initial feedback and prepare to track performance.
  5. Evaluate and track the progress of your plan. Communicate the progress of your plan to your department. Obtain feedback and make any adjustments as needed. Continue tracking and communicating your plan to make certain it is effective. Review the progress with each department member and obtain continued feedback.


Obtain commitment and support from upper management early in the design process. Involve all members of your team in the creation of your plan, constantly communicate its progress and remove all obstacles as they occur.


Be certain every member of your team has control over what they can do to achieve their plan or it will fail.

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