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Today I am going to share my success story of getting my SHRM-CP certification with I am having a bachelor’s degree in business administration and have been working as an HR manager for the past two years.

I was looking for a salary hike and decided to grab an HR certification. I was gaining knowledge about different HR certifications and then decided to have SHRM certification.

The Society for Human Resource Management is a member-based organization that offers a competency-based certification named SHRM-CP.
This certification is for HR persons who make policies and plans, serve as a point of reference for employees and stakeholders, deliver HR services, and perform operational HR functions.

I was tensed about clearing the exam. Because I was already working and thought to pass the exam by self-study only, but I was lucky, I found The detail of the SHRM-CP exam, complete syllabus, practice exam everything was provided on

Before I share my study plan and my journey with, I would like to share some benefits of getting SHRM-CP HR certification.

Benefits of SHRM-CP Certification:

Career Advancement:

A study found that 96% of employers believe HR certifications are essential and, when reviewing job applications, would favor a candidate with certification over a non-HR certified candidate. In short, having an SHRM-CP certification makes you stand out from the crowd and increases your chances of landing a job or promotion.


Furthermore, companies have a financial incentive to bring in employees with an HR certification. In a five-year study from 2011-2015, companies who employed five or more SHRM-certified professionals saw their stock prices outperform companies who used fewer certified professionals by a margin of 51%.

International Recognition:

  • If you plan to work for an international corporation or take your talents to a country other than the U.S., you should know that SHRM-CP certification is a valuable commodity when dealing with foreign employers.
  • The above study also found that professional certification was next only to graduate degrees when thinking which credential employers valued most. Besides, certification was seen as the best-performing skill in several fields, including career advancement and return on investment, or ROI.
  • Better yet, you don’t even need to hold a certification specific to the international market. SHRM-CP is very much respected in other countries as they are perceived to add value and professionalism to international HR departments.

Better Wages:

  • HR certifications are not given freely. But the financial benefits that you get at the end will far exceed any initial costs that come from paying for the exam.
  • In addition to opening up paths to more senior jobs that invariably come with higher salaries, the simple act of holding an HR certification makes you more likely to earn more money.
  • A study found that professional certification was the sole qualification that employers both highly valued and showed a high willingness to pay for. Graduate degrees, while desirable, did not also generate a willingness to pay.

How Much Time Does it Take to Get Certified?

  • In regards to matters about time, SHRM certifications do not need the completion of courses or programs. SHRM does not require candidates to complete any sort of pre-certification program. All you need to do is satisfy the eligibility requirements and pass the certification exam.
  • The only eligibility requirement for the SHRM exam is work experience or a blend of post-secondary education and slightly less work experience. The exact amount of required work experience will vary depending on the seniority of the certification you are pursuing and your education level. The work experience requirement can vary from one to seven years, but there is no additional training that you’ll need to complete to pursue certification.
  • Don’t think that your years of working in HR will be an agreeable substitute for study and preparation. Despite their extensive experience and knowledge, thousands of seasoned HR professionals fail these exams regularly.

Exam Preparation Tips:

Try to Gain Knowledge about SHRM BoCK:

The SHRM-CP exam is based on the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge, also known as the BoCK. Want to know what’s on the exam? Review the BoCK. You can get the SHRM BoCK on their website. There is an interactive guide on the SHRM website too, that permits you to know more about each competency and gives access to career development resources.

Research about the Exam:

Learn about the exam itself. Try to gain knowledge of different syllabus topics. A candidate must search about the exam pattern, after deciding to grab a certification. The exam consists of 160 questions. The total time for the exam is two hours. The exam fee for the SHRM-CP exam is 400 USD for nonmembers.

Create a Study Schedule:

I was a knowledgeable, successful HR professional. But that doesn’t mean that I did not need to study. The SHRM-CP is a standard exam, so I made a study plan. I adjusted my study time according to the syllabus topics. I followed the schedule religiously.

Take Practice Exams:

Only studying is not enough. A candidate needs to evaluate his/her performance. So I decided to buy’s practice exams. The sample questions provided on gave me an idea about the practice exams. The questions were so good that I immediately enrolled for practice exams, which is very reasonable in comparison to other online portals.

Be Positive:

Keep faith in yourself, be patient and positive until the day of the exam. Keeping positive thoughts is very important to achieve success. Take enough rest and take a break while studying.

Final Words:

SHRM-CP is taken as a valuable certification for HR persons, so if you want to upsurge your HR career, becoming SHRM certified is very important.

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