HR Trends for the New Year in 2020

The new year and the new decade are upon us. It’s a good opportunity for a fresh start and not just in employees’ personal lives with New Year’s resolutions. It’s an opportunity to look to the future and see what the year ahead will hold in Human Resources.

Artificial Intelligence in HR Software

Artificial intelligence has been gradually making its way into digital technology in every aspect of our lives and HR is no exception. If you’re not already using a HRIS that incorporates AI features, you likely will be in the future. Artificial intelligence can automate a lot of the more mundane, routine tasks that take up a lot of time. AI can even run a chatbot that can answer the more common customer and employee questions.

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Using AI can automate a lot of the workload, freeing your HR staff to focus on more important tasks.

Eco-Friendly Workplaces

Going green has a lot of benefits. While being environmentally conscious does affect your company’s image with customers and investors, there are also financial benefits. Using a paperless HRIS can help streamline your HR processes, making them faster and more efficient as well as eliminating paper waste. Having a green building reduces power consumption and saves money on overhead costs. If your company recycles, the costs of waste removal are reduced.

Flexible Work Schedules

2020 will see flexible work schedules be even more in demand. It’s a popular benefit with Gen Y and Gen Z employees and each year, the number of those younger employees in the workforce grows. There’s a reason more companies are offering flexible schedules and work-from-home options for their staff. Employees tend to be happier when they can make their schedules work for them. They’re able to have a better work-life balance, which improves morale. The company benefits by offering flexible scheduling because employees are also more productive.

Unified Communication via HRIS

Another trend for 2020 is having all communication unified into one system. Your HRIS has communications features that will enable it to send out important information to individuals, teams, departments, or even the entire company. A centralized communication system improves efficiency and productivity because it ensures transparency. Employees and managers alike can be confident that they are all on the same page.

New Skills and Training

Any employee that wants career growth is looking for training and development to improve their skillsets. If your company offers additional training in new skills for its staff, your employees will be more motivated and morale will improve. In addition, those employees will put those new skills to good use for your company. Employees are also more likely to stay with a company that has shown it’s willing to invest in them, reducing employee turnover.

A HRIS can be used to implement training programs and keep track of which training modules each employee has completed.

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