HR New Year’s Resolutions

Now that it’s 2020, it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. Whether people succeed in keeping these resolutions or not, they still offer some focus and help us to visualize our goals for the year ahead. Some of the most common are to lose weight, to be healthier, or to spend more time with family and friends.

New Year’s resolutions don’t just have to be for your personal life, however. Making professional resolutions can help guide growth within your department. For HR professionals, their decisions can affect the organization as a whole. New Year’s is a great opportunity to determine how to do even better this year than the last.

Year-Round Positive Reinforcement

Everyone likes to know when they’re doing well. Getting feedback, especially positive, can have a major effect on employee morale and productivity. Many companies only offer feedback during annual performance reviews, which leaves employees wondering how they’re doing for most of the year.

Providing feedback, especially positive, throughout the year can have a positive impact on your entire office. Even critiques, when constructive, can have a positive effect on employee performances because they correct mistakes immediately and consistently know exactly what is expected of them. Because of this, some companies don’t have annual reviews, instead providing feedback as it’s warranted.

Waiting until an annual performance review to let employees know they’re doing well can be a wasted opportunity to make your employees feel good about the work they’re doing for your company.

HR Processes Review

The world of human resources changes constantly. It’s therefore essential to remain on top of any new updates and implement changes that can benefit the entire company. Even if your current HR procedures and processes work well for you, it’s always beneficial to reexamine them regularly to see where they can be improved.

Hiring Practices Review

There are many studies that show how much having a diverse workforce benefits companies. Having employees from different backgrounds and with different life experiences means that your company has that much more to offer its customers and can understand the needs of a wider variety of people. Your company may already have diversity policies in place, but in 2020 it’s a good idea to review these policies and hiring practices to see if there is any room for improvement.

Employee Handbook Update

Keeping employee handbooks and documentation up-to-date isn’t the most interesting task. In fact, it can be very time consuming and even tedious. However, it’s actually a very important job. It’s through the handbook that employees’ questions are answered and they can find all of the information they need on company policies, benefits, and expectations. Especially if there has been a change to any company policies, it’s essential to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Even if nothing has changed, it’s a good idea to review the handbook and other documentation to ensure that they have the latest information.

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