Reinventing HR with Automation

With the growing emphasis on automation in corporates and its processes, one imperative question which arises is whether or not it can affect the department of human resources (HR) and if yes, then how? With each and every year passing by, machine based solutions are making an impact across all sectors and departments. And similarly, artificial intelligence can play a pivotal role in human resources as well.

In this article we would try to explore the opportunities and scope automation may have in HR.

1) Recruitment

Its no distant reality when recruitment will have no human intervention in companies. Once the requirement or criteria is fed in a system, shortlisting from the bunch of resumes can be done by an automated processes on the basis of requirement as fed and online interview e-invites sent to the candidates. Once the candidate is logged in for Interview, the candidate may be asked by system various pre-fed questions and also to download an app which would record the pulse, heart rate, brain waves, confidence etc. to detect if any misinformation is being given by the candidate on the basis of which aiyo generated final call letters would be sent to the selected candidates. Thus, automation can really reduce the role HR plays in the recruitment and as unrealistic as it may sound today but in future companies may opt for more ‘App’ based recruitments reducing human intervention.

2) Termination

If recruitment can become more tech oriented the termination on the other hand processes for termination in a company can also be automated. If the systems employees working on traces some unscrupulous repeated activities or breach of any policies, the system generated termination letter may be flashed on the system of the employee or on registered number and the process for termination may be initiated if the warnings generated by the system to follow the approved means or behaviour is ignored for long.

3) Remuneration

It is one important aspect of HR which can be explored further by experts of Automation. Not many hands would be required if all the calculations are fed in systems and accordingly salary credits, penalties etc are charged and credited to employees accounts.

4) Employer- Employee Issues

This is one area which can provide immense scope for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies can set up AI counselling rooms wherein employees can have pre-screening with an AI sensitive tool which can prepare a report on which can be used for further discussions to resolve or discuss any employer -employee issues for the employer to initiate further discussion with employee if required.

5) Feedback

Automation and AI both can play an important role in this aspect. Once the feedback is recorded by the managers. The AI counselling rooms can provide a platform wherein the employees without any human intervention can receive their feedback through AI sensitive tools and also at the same time record their reaction without any awkwardness which may otherwise occur had the discussion would have been with the manager.

The scope of automation and AI is immense in every sphere of our lives and it appears HR is no exception. As much as we automate the more dependency on human intervention would decrease. Good or bad that is another topic for debate but as far as opportunities to be explored in this area is concerned we may safely say that HR is definitely an area where automation and AI can be applied and yield effective results.

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