Questions to Ask Human Resources at an Interview

Nearly every interview concludes with the query, “So, do you have any questions for me?” You increase your odds as a candidate if you have meaningful and insightful questions to ask, as it shows you have a genuine interest in the company and the position. This also opens the door to more in-depth conversation, in which you may have the opportunity to interject with further information about yourself and your experience that will help you win the job.

Follow Up From the Interview

During your interview, take notes about any issues or facts you’d like to learn in greater depth or any issues you’d like clarification about. When it comes to question time, you’ll be prepared. Examples:

You mentioned that the company is thinking about adding a new product line. Can you tell me more about that?

We started to talk about some of the things you’re doing with regard to re-branding — are there specific plans in place? That happens to be my area of specialty, so I’d like to learn more.

Ask About the Role

It can be difficult to fully appreciate all of the elements of a new job solely from the job description or interview, so the HR follow-up question period is a good time to flesh out the details. Examples:

Can you tell me what an average day in this position is like?

Are there certain aspects of the job that pose more of a challenge than others?

Have other employees advanced their career through this position?

Clarify Financial Matters

Although it’s wise to wait until the HR rep brings up the topic of salary or benefits, once the issue is on the table, feel free to ask any questions you have to clarify issues. Examples:

What kind of retirement plans do you offer?

Can you tell me more about the overall benefits package?

Do you offer an allowance for cell phones, or for tuition reimbursement?

What is the average profit sharing range?

Can I use sick time for doctor appointments or when my child is ill?

How often are performance evaluations conducted?

Wrapping it Up

If you’re interested in the job, make your feelings known to HR during the question-and-answer portion of the interview. Examples:

I’m really excited about the prospect of being employed at this company. Is there anything about me, my experience or background that you have concerns about or that you you’d like any further information on?

Are you still interviewing other candidates?

When do you plan to make a hiring decision?

As always, write the HR rep, and anyone else who participated in your interview, a Thank You note after your meeting to express your appreciation for HR rep’s time and to underscore your interest in joining the company.

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