How HR Can Contribute to Creating Competitiveness

A workforce united toward being better than the competition keeps a company moving forward as a successful business in the market. The hiring process and general operation methods of the human resources department often play a large role in creating a team of employees that help the company stay competitive. Evaluating the practices of the HR department in a company helps determine ways to improve or change how competitive the business is in its industry.


The HR department handles recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees in most companies, with the department supervisor or manager also having input in the hiring decisions. The department influences the competitiveness of the company within the industry based on the type of new employees it hires. Employees with job-specific skills and proven experience offer the background needed to keep the company competitive in the market. People with drive and a naturally competitive nature also help drive the company toward success.


The human resources department develops and manages the procedures within a company, particularly those related to staffing, benefits and hours. A company that offers competitive benefits and flexibility to its employees is more likely to attract and retain the most qualified people, keeping the company competitive. Flexibility through adjustable hours, flexible use of time off, and the option of telecommuting allows employees to make their positions better suited for them. They are better able to balance work and life, giving them more job satisfaction so the company is able to retain the best employees.


Training is another major responsibility of the human resources department. A solid training program ensures all employees are knowledgeable on the company’s operational practices and projects. Employees are able to work more efficiently and effectively to keep the company at the front of the market when they have quality training. Refresher courses and regular training time with all employees enables the HR department to keep employees current on new industry standards so the company as a whole stays competitive.


A company’s culture affects how employees feel about the workplace and how hard they work. A positive company culture that encourages hard work and innovation keeps the business as a competitive contender in the industry. The human resources department is a factor in the company culture through the policies it sets and its treatment of the employees. A human resources department that consistently implements fair procedures while encouraging employees to take risks is more likely to create a loyal staff that works to push the company forward.

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