5 Best HR Practices

1) No Micromanagement

Right from the interview till the time the candidate joins us, it is made clear to him or her that they have to take complete ownership of what they do. And we keep our promise by giving them complete ownership, which means no micromanagement. They can complete the task in any way that they are comfortable, as long as the tasks are completed on schedule and in an ethical way, it works for us.

2) Flexible Timings

This is something that has been gaining a lot of momentum in many companies these days. We too are big fans of flexi-timings as we believe that employees do more work when they are not busy looking at the clock. We have a 12-hour window during which an employee can come in and work for a 9-hour period. As long as the work is getting done and it does not affect co-ordination amongst teams, the sumHR employees are free to set their own work timings, that’s why it’s best hr practice according to sumHR’s employees.

3) Dress Code

Or rather the lack of it! At sumHR, we don’t have any dress code policy. We believe that people should be judged by the work they do, how they do it, and the value they bring to all the stakeholders of the company, i.e. the other employees and the clients. Our employees are free to wear whatever they want when they come to the office. The only rider is that we do tell them to use their good judgment when dressing for meeting any external entities like clients or vendors.

4) Glass Door Policy

Actually, the correct term would be No Door Policy. We follow a flat-structure at sumHR and we don’t really have any “boss” system. That’s why the only cabins in the offices are either conference rooms or bathrooms! We trust our employees to be responsible for what they do, and as mentioned earlier they are complete owners of their work.

5) Fun at Work

Well, this is more of a group of policies rather than a policy itself. Nevertheless, we thought that it was worth a mention. We realize that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and that’s why we have a host of fun programs, ranging from pizza lunches to hookah parties and even stand-up comedy shows and music evenings.

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