Using HRIS for Exit Interviews

Employees leave voluntarily for a variety of reasons. While no one likes to see employees quit, it’s important to use the experience as a learning opportunity. Why an employee chooses to leave can help you improve the job or company for the employees that remain.

Turnover can be expensive, potentially costing more than an employee’s annual salary. Exit interviews can be a valuable source of information if you have high employee turnover. The information you gather from the interview can help you prevent turnover in the future.

You can simplify the exit interview process with a HRIS. Using software helps ease the administrative burden of your HR staff.

Survey Questions

If your company has a lot of seasonal staff or temporary employees, a survey format may be the best option for exit interviews. Each exiting employee can fill out a survey through the HRIS and their answers automatically stored in a database for later analysis. It’s not as personal as a one-on-one interview, but this method can handle many exit interviews quickly and without burdening your HR staff.

Personal Interviews

Personal interviews are a vital part of the exit interview process. You’ll have an opportunity to ask personalized questions and understand why the employee is resigning. The personal interview process can’t be done by a HRIS, but the results can be recorded into a database. These results can then later be analyzed and compared to other interviews.

Conducting personalized interviews has the added benefit of allowing the employee to leave on a positive note. Employees that you maintain a good relationship with can be kept in your HRIS database as potential contacts to work with in the future.

Interview Flexibility

Using a HRIS to manage your exit interviews gives you the flexibility to conduct interviews in the way that best meets your company’s and the resigning employee’s needs. Interviews don’t have to be conducted only in the office. Exit interviews can now be conducted over mobile phones and recorded. Another option is to use video software to conduct the exit interview.

Analyze Patterns

A HRIS can store data from both surveys and one-on-one interviews for later analysis. It’s important for a company to know if there is a pattern to why employees are leaving. Issues within the company cannot be addressed if they are unknown.

Perhaps the employee left because they just weren’t a good fit for the job or the company. But it’s also possible that there’s a problem manager who is driving good employees away. It’s important to understand the reasons an employee is leaving, whether they’re good or bad. A HRIS can not only store that information but help you to see patterns over time.

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