Why HR Is The Key To Your Company’s Success

The Human Resource (HR) department is never known as the most important department in a company and it is such a shame because HR is critical to the success of every organisation. Without an effective and efficient HR team, there will be no talents in the company. Without talented people who are dedicated to the company, there will be no business.

Things that are done by HR can often be forgotten as it’s mostly behind-the-scenes work. The scope of the HR department is more than just processing payroll and setting employee health benefits. HR plays an essential role in developing a company’s strategy by enhancing employees’ perception throughout the workforce and providing a well-rounded experience for employees.

Here are 3 HR functions that are key in running a business:

1) Recruiting Top Talent

The HR team is dedicated to hiring the best talent for the company. Recruiting is actually a very complex process and many companies have lost money due to inefficient recruiting. The HR team is responsible for recruiting qualified candidates and filling up positions with top talent as quickly as possible. Even though this is not emphasized, HR leaders often try to find the right fit for the job so that employees will be happier and more invested in the company’s success.

Everyone else only sees the employed candidates after they’ve joined the company, but the HR team have way more people to deal with than just the new employees. This includes the rejected candidates – some of whom might be not just upset but even angry at being rejected. The HR team then has to take measures to ensure the overall brand image of the company is not affected.

Sometimes the recruitment process might take a little longer than expected. This is because HR leaders are not trying to hire people as fast and cheaply as possible. They are looking for the best people which will benefit the company more in the long run. When these talents stick around, retention allows the company to keep moving forward – saving both time and money.

The cost of hiring new employees includes training and ramp-up time, which can be really expensive for employers. If the HR team has a well-planned recruitment and selection process, there will be cost savings from expenses spent on advertising, training and enrolling new employees.

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2) Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is seen as one of the biggest workplace problems. However, the HR team is always looking for the best engagement strategies for their employees that will fit the company culture. The success of a business is highly dependent on the success of its employees. If employees are not performing to the best of their abilities or if they are not satisfied with their roles, the company will suffer. Thus, another key aspect of human resource management involves establishing and maintaining positive working relationships among employees.

Research has shown that engaging and giving recognition to employees has a huge impact. Employees feel more appreciated, engaged and productive. With carefully designed employee surveys, focus groups and an exit interview strategy, the HR team can determine what caused employee dissatisfaction and address those issues to motivate employees.

3) Building A Corporate Culture

The HR team is most crucial in building the company’s culture. It is really important for the HR team to create a good impression of the company from Day 1 so that the new employees know what to expect. The company culture needs to be positive and engaging to retain the best employees. No other department is as important as the HR team in developing and maintaining good relationships within an organisation. Some ways of doing this include planning company events and ensuring that company values are upheld. The HR team is also in charge of making your company become the ‘employer of choice’ by providing a good candidate and employee experience. In the long run, you will realize how important your employer brand is.

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