The Pros and Cons of Being an Human Resources Manager

The Pros or Advantages of Being an HR Manager:

There are several elements of exposure being a human resource manager and in that particular list of exposure and pros, the human resource manager delivers the expected duties and responsibilities of the HR manager.

1. Better growth:

While working as a human resource manager, a person would definitely understand the actual worth of that particular position in the company.

It is already known everyone other than human resource department that being a part of the human resource department provides visible growth in their job profile and description along with remuneration.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the human resource department delivers better professional growth.

2. Better remuneration:

As it has been explained earlier that while working as a part of human resource department, a person can be exposed to a better level of growth in his or her professional career.

Then it is quite obvious that with that better growth in their professional career that person can entertain better remuneration.

That is why the professional, who works as a human resource manager are provided with utmost respect in their work field.

3. Authority:

As most of the people have a misconception that the human resource department provides and delivers the work in relation to their employees.

But very few people understand that the actual responsibility of these human resource managers is that they hold all the financial authorities of the employee and employers’ financial requirements.

A human resource manager provides accountability of the company profit to their employee and the employers.

4. Provides better management experience:

The actual responsibilities of the human resource manager is that he or she need to qualify such candidates to the work position of the company, wherein which he or she need to fulfill all the requirements that the company expects. And such sort of work is called as a management skill.

The management skill provides better knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of the working position.

Therefore, it is quite clear to everyone that a human resource manager working in a human resource department can expose himself or herself to better management skill.

5. Enhanced strategic thinking:

It is not just a department that delivers their duties according to the responsibility of the department, actually it is a responsibility of the human resource manager to provide ideas with his or her strategic thinking.

The most important part of the working environment of the human resource management is that a human resource manager is provided with the responsibility using which he or she can increase the profitability of the company with some change in their strategic thinking.

6. Better job satisfaction:

When a person is entitled to handle the working duties and responsibilities of the human resource manager, then at that point of time that particular person need to understand the worth of the position he or she has been hired for.

It is not easy to experience job satisfaction in the type of job even along with prior experience in similar field of work.

That is why it is advisable for everyone who understand human resource management a bit better because of its visible job satisfaction.

7. Communication skills:

A human resource manager needs to be clever with his or her communication skills.

And eventually such type of communication skill prevents the human resource manager to build better networks with his or her company clients. Which is fortunately profitable for the development of the company.

Therefore, it is very much necessary to understand the value of communication skill in terms of the responsibilities of the HR manager.

8. Value:

Most of the time the working environment of the human resource manager conceals all the financial decisions of the company, and that is when the company needs the best possible advice from their professional HR manager in favor of their company.

Moreover, it is necessary to cover up all the initial duties of the human resource manager and provide better management system for the company growth and development.

9. Accomplishment:

It is a common thinking that a person starts taking decisions in relation to his or her career with a common objective which is growth and better performance.

Similarly the human resource manager is assigned to deliver his or her duties so that he or she can experience growth in their professional career.

In other words the sense of accomplishment, it is not so common to everyone that he or she can understand all about an accomplishment.

Cons or Disadvantages of Being an Human Resource Manager:

According to all the list of subjects stated above, the human resource manager job is entitled to all those types of benefits and Pros in its job description, but the sad part is that current discussion over the cons of being an HR manager will definitely change the scenario of the above listed pros.

Here are few human resource management disadvantages of being a manager.

1. Maintaining a safe distance:

Most of the employees who work in a multinational company think that their manager is difficult to understand, but the actual truth is that being an HR manager is not that easy job as it appears.

Every employee of the company is provided with the job description information which states all types of duties and behavior needed for the company.

Similarly the HR manager is expected to maintain a safe distance from his or her employees so that he or she can be strong with their corporate decisions.

2. Higher competition:

Working in a company as a human resource manager can be the most responsible job, but this human resource management comes with a greater price.

As it has been explained earlier in the pros section that the human resource management provides job satisfaction. And such job satisfaction creates competition among themselves.

Moreover, increased number of competition can never be considered as a benefit for the overall growth of the company.

3. Lower recognition value:

One feels happy if someone recognizes, the work a person does in his or her personal and professional sector.

Similarly, being an HR manager, he or she expects certain level work recognition. Most of the time the human resource manager lacks in their recognition value.

And that is why people consider the job profile of the human resource manager not so developed or growth friendly.

4. Greater experience expected:

The human resource manager position holds a level of responsibility that while hiring an HR manager the higher department expects a lot of experience in that similar field of work.

Moreover, expecting a greater amount of experience can be turned as one of the disadvantages for the person applying for the job.

As it is quite clear that a person with a management ability can handle the HR manager position cleverly without any extra experience.

5. Conflicts of opinion:

A human resource manager handles all the financial and internal activities of the company. And while performing such activities, the owners of the company might differ with the opinion of the human resource manager.

And that time the human resource manager need to follow the orders of the company owner even if the decision can be a risk.

Therefore, opinion conflicts in workplace can bring in communication issues between the employer and the employee.

6. Legal liabilities:

There are several sorts of legal obligation when it comes to being a human resource manager, and in the list of legal obligation the most important part is that the HR manager need to do good with his or her legal skills to avoid uncertain issues of the company.

Therefore, it is very much important for the employees that the legal obligation can be applied to the human resource manager which can be reasoned with potential issues of the company.

7. Position restrictions:

Most of the time while working as the human resource manager a person can experience some sort of restriction and limitation in his or her field of work.

Apparently those position restrictions create a huge conflict between the employees and the management. And the position restrictions can be resolved with the help of calm and effortless thinking which holds a minimal possibility.

Therefore, these position restriction can apply for the own good of the human resource manager.

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