How To Crack The Job Interview

While it’s natural for you to be worried and anxious (the term terrified may apply for some too), it is possible to do crack a job interview despite these insecurities. Though conventional, job interviews are a crucial part of getting any dream job. Here’s how you can nail it.

Do your prep

First things first, make sure that your papers and documents are in shape and arranged neatly in order. An interviewee stumbling with a pile of messed papers is the last thing an interviewer wants to see. The prep should also include in-depth research about the company. Citing an example of their company in one of the answers never fails to impress an interviewer. Do your research — LinkedIn, Glassdoor and many similar websites will give you detailed information about the firm you are applying too.

Your dress code is an important aspect of your prep too. Considering the company profile, plan how formal or semi-formal the dress code should be. A start-up may be cool with ripped jeans but would they want to see that during an interview? If keeping things informal, stick to the Friday dress code that oscillates between formal and informal. For MNC’s and huge corporate firms, stick to formals. A suit with a tie could be required for men while women can don a formal jacket with trousers and skirts. Don’t forget the shoes — formal, clean and polished.

Plan your pitch

Once you have the details of your prospective employer in hand, it is time to plan for a pitch. The general question usually is “Tell us something about yourself.” Your pitch should include your core attributes and skills and how they would benefit the company. The pitch could involve experiences that make your profile seem human and realistic rather than a speech that you mugged. Tell a story instead of simply presenting what’s already there on the resume and you will be able to crack the job interview .

Body language

Body language says a lot about you — and the same applies to the interviewer. If there’s more than one interviewer in the room, try to make eye contact and address all of them. An interviewer who makes eye contact, nods often, and has hands rested on the table is likely to be more relaxed and friendly. Someone with crossed arms and a stare-faced look would probably be rigid and formal.

As an interviewee

You should make sure that you sit with a straight back. Crossing the legs or ankle is alright too. Do not show signs of fidgeting like constantly shaking your legs, or touching your hair. And do smile. Research reveals that 38% of candidates are often not selected because they didn’t smile. Not a wide grin — a simple smile helps you in setting the right tone to crack the job interview .

Don’t forget to follow up

Post that interview, don’t forget to follow up! An email thanking for the interview leaves a long-lasting and positive impact on the interviewer. This note should go within 24 hours of giving the interview. But don’t be in a haste to send out that email from the elevator — you don’t want to seem too eager.

No matter how good your chances of getting a job are, job interviews are nerve-wracking. With the right tools and planning, it is possible to make a good impression and knock it out of the park with your answers and crack the job interview.

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