How To Become A Top Performer In Your Company?

Top performers in companies not only meet but exceed standards set by their organization. As a high achiever, they move beyond what is expected. Top performers in companies tend to set personal standards that are higher than the external standards set by others. A top performer in a company, take on additional responsibilities and is both persistent and resourceful.

To become a top performer in your company, the first step is to stretch yourself, go beyond your limits, for limits are set by the human mind and can be reset by you. By setting higher standards, you would place a challenge for yourself and strive hard to achieve it.

To do this, It is best to use a results-oriented approach. By using a results-oriented approach, you can align your goals with measurable outcomes. Here are some questions that you can use to stimulate your thinking in this area.

  1. Would any changes in my results, make it more useful to others?
  2. Are there other results/outcomes which will be more beneficial t the organization?
  3. Are you delivering results to others in time and at the best time?
  4. Are you providing results to others in the best possible way?
  5. Can upgrading your knowledge lead to better results?

By aligning your work to end results, you are thinking from the user’s or your client’s perspective, this approach makes it a win-win situation for both the parties. Your efforts lead to tangible results and others gain from your actions or initiatives, there could be no better way of building your name in an organization.

The second step to becoming a top performer in your company is to take additional responsibilities. In many organizations, it is routinely expected that people will increase their scope of activities and duties as necessary to ensure that work is completed.

At times, you may be shying off from taking additional responsibilities because the highly structured roles in your organization may dissuade anyone from going beyond their scope. Older organizations suffer from this malaise, as it’s a coping mechanism for them to ensure that they continue repeating the set process. The strategy of hard bounded specializations worked very well till the industrial 4.0 kicked in, the organizations now need people who can collaborate and work effectively across domains. This will be a cherished skill set in the times to come, so if you start developing it now, you can reap the harvest soon. More and more companies would get off their rigid structures to keep themselves floating.

One of the best ways to take additional responsibilities is to start with incremental change, plan one small action, demonstrate the results and then broaden the horizon. Don’t go for the cake immediately, take it easy, because your organization may need time to adjust, agree and see the potential benefits.

These two small changes can catapult you to be a top performer in your company, with the rise of machine learning and accompanies technological advances in Artificial intelligence domain, sooner than later, organizations would go for top grading, only the best would survive and make the cut. Your actions will decide which side you end up in, get started today.

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