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Time for HR Spring Cleaning!

Spring is the perfect time to clean up, get organized, and let some fresh air into your HR department. The hectic end/beginning of a new year is in the rear view and most companies have a little bit of downtime that can be used to make sure that everything is ship-shape. If you’re not sure where to start, the following HR spring cleaning tips might help you straighten up.

Switch to Paperless

Pretty much all HR data can now be collected and stored electronically. Storing information this way can help to literally clean up your office space, while also cleaning up your processes by making it much easier to organize and retrieve data. If you haven’t already started to convert your paper files to digital ones, make this a priority on your spring cleaning checklist.

Clean Out Old Files

Companies are required to keep employee files and candidate applications on hand for certain lengths of time (typically three years after termination for employee files, one year for applications). While these laws can protect employers in the event of a lawsuit, they can also lead to a back log of old employee files. Spring is the perfect time to check the dates and purge the system of all the old files.

If you store your files electronically, purging old files can be a simple process that takes just a few clicks. If you haven’t converted your paper files to digital ones, but are considering doing so, going through your files and scrapping the old and unnecessary ones is a great first step to take. Whether the files you are purging are paper or digital, be sure to take security precautions and dispose of the information in appropriate ways.

Update Your Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks should be updated at least once per year so that they stay relevant. All company policies and procedures should be detailed in the handbook, as well as the company mission and vision. When reviewing this information, make sure that the company policies are in agreement with any laws that have changed in the past year.

Evaluate HR Compliance

Depending on the country in which you operate and the locality, there are likely some posters, forms, and reports that should be managed in a certain way to ensure compliance.

In the U.S., posters with detailed information regarding workers’ compensation, child labor laws, and FMLA laws should be posted in conspicuous places to be compliant with Department of Labor laws. Forms and documents required for HIPAA authorizations, COBRA notices, and legal employment should also be well organized and accessible.

Prepare for Time Off Requests

Many employees take vacations throughout the spring and summer months, so spring is a good time to make sure that you’re prepared. Having a good system in place for requesting and approving time off can ease the strain on your employees and HR professionals. If you don’t have enough staff to cover vacations, now is also a good time to review your recruitment practices and staff your organization.

Having great HR software in place can make spring cleaning easy for your organization.

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